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Shane Battier’s 4 Key Themes For Championship Teams

By LeagueApps
January 31, 2017
2 min

The LeagueApps team was recently lucky enough to receive some words of wisdom from two-time NBA Champion and LeagueApps investor Shane Battier at our latest OTAs.

During this time, Mr. Battier spoke of 4 key themes for individuals to build teams. Then, the team incorporates these 4 themes to win championships.

“If you can capture these 4 things, you will win a championship,” he said.

That championship can come in the form of the board room, the office, a garage in which you start your youth sports business, the playing field or in the locker room. Here are Shane Battier’s 4 key themes to build championship teams.


“Know who you are,” Mr. Battier said. “Your teammates need to know what they are getting out of you every single day.”

In other words, no one likes surprises. Good or bad. By remaining consistent each and every day, your teammates can depend on what you bring to the table. You need to know what you’re getting from every person.

There are problem identifiers and problem solvers. By being a problem solver, you create certainty,” he added later.


“Certainty leads to connection.”

Connecting and communicating with your teammate doesn’t always mean that the conversations have to be sugarcoated. To build a winning culture takes more than that.

The only way to win is through open and honest communication. Sometimes that means that you must have those honest, authentic conversations, even when it’s hard.


“Know your role and execute to your highest ability.”

Mr. Battier has won at both the NCAA level (with Duke in 2001) and the NBA level with Miami in 2012 and 2013. “Even LeBron James [in 2012-13] was a role player,” he said.

By that, he means that LeBron James’s role was to be a superstar. For the Heat to win back-to-back championships, everyone on the team had to play their role to the highest level, so that the team could function at it’s optimal level.

It’s true for both superstars and bench players.


“Understanding what it takes to get to a championship is more important than the actual victory.”

The determination and attention to detail it took to advance to the championship is sometimes more significant in the long run than the actual win. That means that the individuals and the team identified and properly solved the problems in front of them, creating certainty for significant success in the future.

Whatever game you play, there is a sense of playing it to leave your mark on the game. What will your mark on the game be?

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