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A Pro Scout’s 3 Smart Technologies For Your Travel Team This Summer

By LeagueApps
April 24, 2017
2 min


Smart sport technology is not just for the big leaguers anymore. From wearables to apps, there’s no denying that technology is an integral part of the travel and club team experience.

Aside from the obvious benefits of enhancing player and coach performance, technology is also key to preventing injury, especially to young pitchers. But with so many options out there, where should you start in picking the right tech for your team?

Paul Cusick is the Director of Baseball Partnerships at LeagueApps. He’s also a former scout with the Houston Astros and knows a thing or two about what professional and amateur teams are leveraging technology.

Below are three recommendations of Paul’s to get you started with your smart technology search this summer.

Blast Motion

The hottest wearable in the baseball world right now is Blast Motion. With real-time metrics, sports analytics, and auto-curated video highlights, Blast Motion creates a way for users to capture, analyze, and improve their game.

It just became the official bat sensor of Major League Baseball and was approved for in-game use in MiLB baseball. Now, BlastMotion is slowly making its way into college baseball clubhouses and travel ball organizations across the country. It is a great teaching tool that is a major asset for coaches and will make its way into the recruiting landscape in the coming years. They already have recruiting friendly features like Blast Connect. If all the best players and top coaches in the world of baseball are using it, why wouldn’t you?

Driveline Baseball

The folks over at Driveline Baseball have done more velocity, arm care, and strength research than most research universities have ever thought about doing. They are constantly testing and retesting their training methods to optimize both velocity and command for pitchers.

Their “Hacking the Kinetic Chain Starter Kit” will get you caught up to speed on everything from mechanics to weighted balls, warm-ups to recovery. Every serious travel team and pitcher should be taking arm care and training as seriously as the guys up at Driveline do.

Motus Sleeve

Another tool for coaches and players that is making it’s way from Major League clubhouses to the travel baseball scene is the Motus Sleeve. This compression sleeve is designed to be lightweight yet durable and houses the Motus sensor.

Similar to Blast Motion, this is a wearable technology that gives players, parents, and coaches more information than they likely know what to do with early on, but will help everyone understand a lot more about what exactly goes on with a pitcher’s arm when he is throwing.

The Motus academy and travel teams are powered by LeagueApps Dugout.

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