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PUMP and Pittsburgh Sports League Celebrate 20 Years of Revitalizing the Steel City [Infographic]

By LeagueApps
September 30, 2016
2 min

For 20 years, the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP) has been dedicated to make Pittsburgh the most dynamic and diverse place by engaging, educating, and mobilizing all young people to effect change in the community.

Tonight, they’ll be hosting a celebration of two decades of making that mission come to life.

PUMP was founded at a time when the Steel City was losing a lot of young professional to other areas such as New York City, Baltimore, or Washington, D.C. Now, Pittsburgh is a city that boasts of a solid medical and technological industry where hundreds of thousands of young professionals call home.

The Pittsburgh Sports League (PSL) was launched five years after PUMP was founded. Greg Mitrik, PSL Director, recognized the need to have a social activity league in a city that loves sports.

“After five years, we were looking at more social ways to engage young professionals. This city loves its sports, so it made sense.”

The importance of social leagues goes beyond the sports.

“It’s not just about running around the bases. Whether someone is out to win a kickball game, they’re socializing with friends, meeting new networks, meeting with their significant others, or giving back to local bars and restaurants,” Greg said.

Pittsburgh Sports League and LeagueApps have teamed together for over three years. LeagueApps knows how important it is for local communities to rally around young professional social leagues. Below shows just how much PSL has grown and what it means to the community.

The Growth of PSL


LeagueApps is excited for the next 20 years of continued leadership by both Greg and the PUMP organization in the Pittsburgh community. “We look forward to working more in how we can help through developing Pittsburgh’s infrastructure, education, transportation, health and wellness, however we can to continue to grow this great city.”

Learn more about how you can help PUMP revitalize the Steel City.