Partner Spotlight: Sitting Down With Rev Up Athletics

By LeagueApps
June 24, 2016
3 min

Current and future NBA stars weren’t the only ones hanging out in New York this week. For the first time in their lives, St. Mark and Eriqueca Sanders of Rev Up Athletics made the journey from Aurora, Colorado. Lucky for us, the couple wanted to drop by and say hello. We were able to sit down with them and discuss their organization, accounting, and how LeagueApps was able to help. We also dished a little NBA draft.

Our own Nick Sutedjo with Eriqueca and St. Mark

LeagueApps: Tell me something about Rev Up Athletics. What is it that you do?

Eriqueca: A non profit youth basketball organization. Really, we bring competitive ball to kids.

LA: One of the cool things we saw on the Rev Up website was a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is “our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” How did you come up with that quote? What was the driving force behind that?

E: Really, that’s the foundation of what we’re trying to do. Us as board members of that organization, that was our vision- to push the kids to be better than maybe they even realize to be.

LA: It’s really cool to be able to intertwine a 19th century literary genius with what you all are doing.

E: Yup!

LA: So, now we have to talk a little LeagueApps. Before [Partnership Consultant] Nick [Sutedjo] introduced you to LeagueApps, what was your solution before organizing RevUp?

E: Everything was electronic, but…

St. Mark: We were using spreadsheets.

E: Yes. Excel spreadsheets and forms. It worked. However, the accounting side was a little bit of a nightmare. Yeah, a little bit of a nightmare. We had a number of parents that wanted payment arrangements. We had to do all that manually. Tracking everything, you know, it was do-able. It was just a little bit more….labor. Intensive labor.

SM: It was an extra 60-80 hours of work per season. With the new program, the new software, we average close to only 10-15 hours with running twenty teams. We’ve become more efficient. It makes it a lot easier to track. It keeps everything simpler.

E: I know our treasurer loves the financial aspect of LeagueApps.

LA: Would you say that accounting is the biggest benefit?

E: Yeah. Yeah. Oh yea. Being able to offer a payment arrangement and then the system does it automatically, that’s been a big benefit to us. And then also being able to easily track the teams. We have twenty teams and so the setting up is somewhat labor intensive, but once you get to that point, everything is pretty easy to pull that information and to copy it to the next season. Now that we’re kind of setup going into fall, we’ll be in a pretty good position.

LA: And so has that allowed you some more free time to kind of expand a little bit by maybe integrating more teams?

E: Well we’re in a really good position to do that. We definitely could do that.

LA: So give me your thoughts on the NBA Draft last night?

E: [laughs] Denver made out!

SM: Yeah. First round. Three picks.

E: We needed it. I’m happy and we’re all really excited about our seventh pick.

LA: Final question. Gotta pick one. Steph or Lebron?

E: Steph, for me.
SM: LeBron.

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