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Partner Day #3… LeagueApps Takes on DC!

By LeagueApps
October 3, 2013
2 min

LeagueApps hosted another League Partner Day on September 27th in Washington D.C. It was the first event outside of NYC since we kicked off the Partner Day series in early June of this year (read about Partner Day #1 and Partner Day #2 in NYC).  Over 30 partners have now attended a Partner Day!

We chose to switch up the scenery from our NYC office and Amtrak it down to the District to get closer to some of our league partners in the DC-metro area. Our Chief Product Officer Steve Parker also heads up our office in Northern Virginia, so it was a quick Metro trip downtown for him. We held the event in 1776, a slick digital co-working space geared towards connecting emerging digital companies and start-ups.  We also enjoyed the tasty sandwiches of Duke’s Grocery. Most of our league partners travelled from different parts D.C. Uy from RASL came from Bethesda, MD, and Steve and Rhonda of All-Nets drove all the way up from North Carolina to join us (and took home the iPad  Mini!). We were super-appreciative and excited to see our partners make time in their busy schedules to meet and hang out with the LeagueApps team.

Members of nine different sports organizations attended Partner Day. The full lineup included Kickball 365Recreational Athletics Sports League (RASL), Goombay AdventurersAll-NetsDistrict SportsDC Social SportsNAKID Social SportsCapital Affiliate League and DC Bocce.


We followed a similar agenda for Partner Day III. It included the following sessions:

  • League Partner Introductions
  • Company Overview (Led by Brian L.)
  • Product Roadmap Overview and Development Process (Led by Steve)
  • The LeagueApps Community (Led by Asaf)
  • Tips to Make LeagueApps Work for You (Led by Ess)

This Partner Day slideshow recaps all of the sessions and highlights from our presentations. Check out slide #9 to find out more about the product roadmap plans. Mobile is becoming a huge initiative and was a hot topic of conversation throughout the day.


Listen to CEO Brian Litvack share a company overview of LeagueApps. 

Also, here is a video of Steve Parker, Chief Product Officer, discussing our product roadmap themes and development process. 

D.C. Partner Day helped reinforce many of the lessons we learned in the first two events, including the importance of always being transparent and communicative with our league partners. We continue to recognize that our partners appreciate when we give them insight into our processes and set the right expectations in our service. It was also helpful to hear the common themes and features that many of our league partners want (e.g. mobile!). Most importantly, we realize that leagues find Partner Day most valuable because they are able to connect to other organizations. Our goal is to strengthen the  LeagueApps community through these events, Facebook groups, and other methods. Let us know if you’d like to join the Facebook Group or connect to other like-minded partners!

We’re planning to holding more LeagueApps Partner Days before the end of 2013. We’d love to reach even more of our partners in the future by bringing the event to new cities. Hit us up if you have any ideas as to where we should hold our next Partner Day! We’ll keep you posted on our plans.