On The Road With LeagueApps: TLC Sport Summit – Midwest

By LeagueApps
August 28, 2018
2 min

The League Network hosted its first TLC Sport Summit of 2018 at the Bo Jackson Elite Sports facility in Hilliard, OH. The event played host to a wide variety of dynamic speakers and leaders in the youth sports community. The 2002 Big Ten Freshman of the Year and national champion, Maurice Clarett, opened the event as the keynote speaker. The former Buckeye didn’t pull any punches, weighing in on meaningful topics like the impact of sports in impoverished areas, the lessons he gleaned from running afoul of the law, and mental health.

The all-day event in Hilliard brought together both grassroots and pro sports organizers from across the country. This youth sports’ meeting of the minds also included technology execs, e-commerce pioneers, and industry experts. Our president, Jeremy Goldberg, moderated the “Tournament, League and Club Expert” panel. Topics ranged from shared pain points, the difficulty of dealing with single-minded parents and the place technology will play as sports continue to evolve. Nelson Gord, the founder of Illinois Travel Baseball Club and the Director of Baseball for NCSA, drew a fascinating parallel between overall coachability and the rapid expansion of eSports.

Interestingly, despite increased visibility for youth sports and a deluge of capital into the space, simple problems still persist for even the nation’s most successful organizations. A common struggle remains the acquisition of adequate facilities. Lance Smith, the CEO of Next Level, shared his desire for quality facilities, and what that specifically looks like at the local level.

The second panel that Jeremy Goldberg moderated brought together the Cleveland Indians’ Youth Leader Matt Kata, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Director of Fan Development Kerry Woloszynek, and Jason Zumpano who is in charge of the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Grass Roots efforts. Matt Kata shared his thoughtful approach to engaging with parents in a meaningful and healthy way.

LeagueApps is always looking to position itself in the center of the youth sports universe, and that’s why every month we’re on the road at events like the TLC Sport Summit. For information on upcoming events, click here.