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NextUp Live S1E4: Talking Adaptive Youth Sports with RallyCap Sports

By Melissa Wickes
August 30, 2021
2 min

Welcome to the latest episode of NextUp Live!

This new interview series from LeagueApps and our NextUp community, features inspiring stories from people, news, and happenings around the industry.

Today, I am excited to talk with Luke Sims, executive director of RallyCap Sports, which also happens to be our very first FundPlay software grant recipient.

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Rally Players and Adaptive Youth Sports

On this episode, we discuss adaptive youth sports, the Paralympics, and what virtual fitness has meant to their kids—the Rally Players.

We explore:

  • How the pandemic changed their programming (other than the obvious) and the benefits they’ve seen with virtual fitness. 
  • How brands and sponsors can drive sustained, year-round support for young athletes with special needs when the Paralympics are no longer front-and-center.
  • What expansion of the RallyChapters look like—and how colleges and universities can get involved.
  • What some of the campus chapter communities are doing that is inspiring great work, growth, and inclusivity.
  • What every one of us do better, or more of, to support, collaborate with and integrate adaptive youth sports programming.

You’ll also learn more about how virtual fitness will continue to be a focus for RallyCap Sports as they get back up and running in person; how a new grant allows them to provide an adaptive bikes program so their Rally Players can have the same freedoms as other kids; and how to get involved if you or someone you know has a college or university connection.

Enjoy the conversation!

Get Involved with RallyCap Sports

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