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New Release adds Member Cards, Membership Status and Roster Printing!

By LeagueApps
May 20, 2013
3 min

We just rolled out a handful of great new features to help you provide improved service to your members. These include some “membership” features as well as the ability to generate printable PDF documents for team rosters and game rosters. Details are below!

Member Cards

You can now create and issue custom branded “Member Cards” to your members. These cards can serve a number of useful purposes within your organization. For example, you could use these cards as a way to verify member identity and status when participants show up to your events.

You can customize your member cards (under Settings > Member Cards) to include only the information you want to be displayed on the card, such as member birthdate, member Id, photo, etc. Admins and/or Team Captains can then generate member cards from various screens in the system. The cards are generated as PDF documents, which can then be easily printed to either standard printers (to then be cut and laminated) or to specialized “plastic card printers”.

To learn more about the Member Cards feature, including details on settings and generating cards for printing, visit our help articles:

» Member Card Settings
» Generating Member Cards

Also, be sure to check out the VIDEO How To: Create Member Cards.

Membership Status

You can now assign “membership status” levels to your members. Define your own custom membership status levels and manually assign levels to your members.

This is useful for designating and tracking different levels of members within your organization. For example, if you allow your members to purchase a premium membership, you can assign and track that premium membership level now.

Additionally, we’re later going to be supporting the ability to optionally enforce special business rules that tie into this membership status level. For example, you’ll be able to allow only members with premium membership status to register for programs.

Roster Printing

Do you ever need to print out rosters and bring them to your games? Well, now it’s a cinch to do this by generating printer friendly roster PDFs. You can generate both Team as well as Game rosters. You can also customize what information is to be displayed, based on your particular needs. Rosters can be generated from team pages and game pages in the manager console, as well as from team roster pages on the public site (if captains have been authorized to generate rosters).

The LeagueApps “Help Site”

As part of this release, we updated the “help” button in the top right of the Manager Console so that it now points directly to the external LeagueApps “Help Site”. If you haven’t checked out the Help Site yet, we encourage you to take a look and see how it can be helpful to you. We have 60+ articles on various topics, and a new Instructional Videos section. We’ll be adding more helpful resources and tools to this site, with the goal of helping you get your questions answered even faster.