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New Community Forums on LeagueApps!

By LeagueApps
October 11, 2013
2 min

At LeagueApps, we like to keep a close pulse on our league partners’ needs. That’s why we rolled out a new community forum channel this week at These forums allow partners to share feature recommendations by posting ideas, as well as voting on other peoples’ ideas. Ultimately, our goal is to create an open community for our league partners to voice your suggestions, which will help us better understand which features/tools would be most valuable.

FYI: We built our forum page using a SaaS platform called Uservoice, which many digital companies are using for feedback and support forums.

How LeagueApps Community Forums work

As a LeagueApps league partner, you can post an idea or feature suggestion that you think will help improve LeagueApps. You can vote on other league partners’ ideas as well.

The LeagueApps partner team will moderate the forum and share status updates to let you know where each feature request stands. We will be using descriptive labels like under review and in developmentto give you a sense of where certain ideas fit into our product roadmap.

The catch: You are allowed just 10 votes. So be sure to make every vote count!

To get started…
1) Go to and sign in by entering your email address (no need to create an account!).
2) Post a new idea or vote for someone else’s idea.

Why Community Forums Will Help You

  1. Communication – Allow our league partners to share their “wish lists” publicly. Currently, many of our top leagues share their requests with us directly. Now they can see the universe of features being requested by other partners too.
  2. Transparency – Lets us share status updates in real-time that let you know where each feature request stands.
  3. Knowledge-share – Forums are well-organized and each idea is grouped into a category. This makes it easy to search a question or get a quick update on a feature you care about.
  4. Prioritize – Helps the LeagueApps development team work smarter by building the features that our partners care about most!


Feel free to vote on any cool ideas here or post your own ideas. Give us a shout if you have any questions about Community Forums and how to best utilize them.