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Hi, I’m Jeff. I just met you. This Is Crazy. Call me, Maybe?!?

By LeagueApps
July 16, 2012
2 min

Hi, I’m Jeff. It’s about that time for me to write my first official blog post! As the Director of League Partnerships at LeagueApps, my role is to build relationships and learn from some of the most passionate and innovative minds in local and recreational sports. I’m excited to be in an industry where I can combine my passions for sports, technology, and connect with people who share my passions. It’s a sweet gig and if I can’t play pro ball, this might just be the next best thing. An important part of my job is reaching out to league organizers and becoming well versed in the challenges and thrills that come with running a local sports organization. This is critical for LeagueApps to understand how to build the best product and address the needs of league organizers and their members. I then share this knowledge with the entire LeagueApps team so we can directly solve your needs as well as build better products for our partners. I’m proud, confident and excited with the technology our team is developing and I believe it will change the future of local sports (that’s why I’m here!).

The most rewarding part of my role has been the relationships I have built with so many great people. What begins as conversations about league management has quickly grown into friendships and discussions about our families, friends, traffic patterns, long term goals, passions & interests (either for you or for me), and even strategies for how we can prepare for the pending Zombie Apocalypse (you know who you are!). I have discussed obscure methods for curing a hangover, when you left your kids bottle out too long, and even was convinced that I should tone down my criticism of Lebron James (this was a particularly good discussion and compelling case!).

Many of these relationships have blossomed into partnerships. Some, not yet partnerships, are just good worthwhile conversations with folks I can converse about the direction of local sports organizations and how to improve the experience for both league organizers and their members. I always eager to learn about your business and might even be able to share some knowledge I’ve picked up from the dozens of conversations I have each week.

We want to understand your needs, want to get to know you, and have some awesome products for you and your members. Even if our LeagueApps product is not exactly right for your organization right now, we promise to do our best to provide value and share industry insights. At the very least, you can ask me about one of my most interesting sports experiences at Yankee stadium (as long as you are not from Baltimore!)

So the next time myself or one of my colleagues at LeagueApps hits you up, please consider sharing a few minutes of your time. We’re calling you because we believe your organization is aligned with our mission: to help create the best organization, management platform and member experience for our partners.

So drop us a note or call us, maybe, at (800) 257-3681. Ask for Jeff or you can talk to Mike, DJ or Brian.