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What Life Looks Like Before and After Switching to LeagueApps

By Melissa Wickes
September 29, 2021
3 min

It may not feel like the right time to switch youth sports management platforms, but making the move to LeagueApps is easy—and the switch is worth it. You’ll notice an improvement in quality of customer service and an improved registration solution, website, and app when comparing LeagueApps to SportsEngine right away. Plus, you’ll be able to better run your programs because of it. Here’s a preview into how your life as a sports organizer can become easier when you switch from SportsEngine to LeagueApps.

Faster Customer Service: LeagueApps vs SportsEngine

When you need customer support, you want it right away. That’s why the LeagueApps customer support team is available to you and your brand 24/7—unlike SportsEngine. They make you wait up to five days to hear back. Think of all of the problems you can solve in five days! When we’re available to help you, you’re available to help your customers. 

Registration: LeagueApps vs SportsEngine

When you use LeagueApps as your registration solution, customers will recognize your branding, colors, and logo when they’re registering for programs. Our branding stays out of it, unlike with other platforms, like SportsEngine. This helps your organization establish brand awareness and customer loyalty from the get-go. After all, it’s about you, not us.

Websites: LeagueApps vs SportsEngine

The opportunities and options when building a website should be endless, and the creative liberties should be in your hands (with our help and guidance, of course). With LeagueApps, you’ll work with a designer—not a template—to build a unique digital destination for your organization that showcases your brand and puts registration front and center. Unlike with other brands, you won’t be locked into a pre-set layout or template, hindering you from telling your story, promoting registration, and standing out from the competition. Your website is your organization’s home base, and we can help you make it best-in-class.

Data Sharing and Ads: LeagueApps vs SportsEngine

We’ll never share your member data with third parties which means parents, players, and coaches will enjoy an ad-free app experience and your team communications will be delivered seamlessly. Trust us to help you deliver all of the information your players need, with no ads to distract them.

Do you ever receive spammy emails from random brands you’ve never heard of? That’s what happens when platforms—like SportsEngine—sell your data to third parties. 

What Our Partners Are Saying

We’re always looking to our partners for feedback so we can provide the best product and service to you. When we recently asked some of our partners why they switched to us from other platforms, a lot of them mentioned better customer service, a more professional design, and a more robust backend platform. Here’s more of what some of our partners had to say about switching to LeagueApps:

“Overall, since switching to LeagueApps, we simply have more time to do what we want to do. We spend less time on the admin side and more time on the soccer field providing the best experience we can for our families,” says Craig Thomas, CEO of Northeast Rush. 

“I encourage anyone who is considering the switch to LeagueApps…do it. Don’t even question it. And I’ll say this as well, when the youth sports community needed a voice and leadership during these tough times, LeagueApps was right there. That’s why I would tell anyone in this business to partner with LeagueApps, ” says Shane Kline-Ruminski, Founder of The National Basketball Academy.

“Partnering with LeagueApps has made the experience on the back-end extremely straightforward and easy in terms of tracking registrations and creating registers so that coaches have all the info they need on the field,” says Dean Atkins, Director of Coach Education and Development at Atlanta United FC. 

Interested in Switching to LeagueApps?

We want to help you provide the best possible sports experience to your customers through the technology, partnership, and community you need to manage and grow your organization. We believe we are the best option out there to help you do exactly that. If you’re interested in learning more about making the switch to LeagueApps, let’s set up a call.