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LeagueApps Teams Up With Facebook

By LeagueApps
March 20, 2012
3 min

Over the last few months the LeagueApps team released a host of new features that fully leverages and integrates Facebook. We’re going to break it all down in this post and share the marketing and social benefits for league partners that utilize these features. First, here is why LeagueApps decided to focus on building out our Facebook partnership.

  • Most sports organizations are already creating and managing their own Facebook pages.
  • Players (most everybody actually) are using Facebook every day
  • There are unique marketing benefits to sharing an organization’s leagues, events and activities through Facebook
  • Facebook is a social platform. People share updates, photos, videos and content. A main theme of LeagueApps is to help players prolong the positive feeling of playing sports on AND off the field.

Facebook Login & Member Accounts

The Facebook Registration plugin for LeagueApps allows league members to signup and login to their account using their Facebook credentials. Having members utilize their Facebook identity allows them to be more social with their teammates.

Account Convenience
New or returning members can signup, login and register using their Facebook account. This simplifies the registration process for all new members leading to more successful completed registrations.

Social Profiles
League members can initiate social connections that can go beyond the playing fields. Members profile photos are populated with their Facebook photo and links to their profile. Players can view and “friend” their teammates’ through Facebook.

Member Retention
More social interaction between players leads to more camaraderie and better member retention. Facebook connection is another way to get players excited about where a sports organization is heading and ensure they’ll continue to participate in leagues activities.

Facebook Feed Publishing – Program Registration

Players can publish their league program registrations to their Facebook profile feed. This viral feature allows players to easily share their sports activities with their friends. Members can now easily recruit new players for your leagues by sharing registration links through Facebook!

Facebook Page – Website Integration

Facebook Pages allow for unlimited “fans” and get great search engine visibility. They help an organization build a social mailing list that can be reached at any time. This LeagueApps feature allows a league to connect its Facebook page to its LeagueApps website. This facilitates members to “like” the Facebook page and join your league community on Facebook. Members are encouraged to “like” the league Facebook page after they register or join a league program.

Here is a short video tutorial that shows how a Facebook page is linked to a LeagueApps Account.

LeagueApps Wall

League organizers can use the LeagueApps Wall features to post announcements to members through the site. The wall gives a league the ability for admins to communicate with members quickly and effectively. These messages can automatically be pushed to a league’s Facebook page. Players that post to the wall can also share their messages through Facebook.

We’re thrilled to share all of these features with you and eager to hear your feedback and learn the benefit they bring for your organization. Be sure to check our our LeagueApps help articles to get more detailed instruction on how to use these new features within the admin console. There’s actually much more we plan to do with Facebook in the future. We’re just getting warming up!