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Introducing LeagueApps’ Newest Program Type: Classes

By LeagueApps
January 4, 2018
2 min

Class is the most customizable program type on LeagueApps.

In 2017 we added a new program type- Classes! LeagueApps now supports registration for six program types: Club Teams, Leagues, Tournaments, Camps, Events and Classes.

Similar to Session-based programs, Classes offer a multi-select registration experience so it is easy for participants to choose more than one program while registering.The Class program type can be used for recurring classes or events that meet daily, weekly, monthly or for drop-in classes that meet once.

What’s different about classes? It’s the most customizable program type on LeagueApps.


Classes use a new design to display registrations. This new design makes it easy to see how classes are categorized and their details.


Admins can create custom categories for classes which makes it easier for customers to discover the right class and easier for admins to manage.

Number of Classes

Add the number of times a class meets, so during registration, it is understood if it is a recurring class or a one-time class.


Add the name of the Class Instructors so it is visible during registration. This can help participants choose a class that is perfect for them.

Classes are best for:

  • Recurring training programs or sessions which meet multiple times, similar to a school class.
  • Drop-in training that meets once, or differs from week-to-week.
  • Programs that have different categories such as Training, Skill Work, Academic Tutoring, etc.

With six different program types to choose from, LeagueApps has a solution for your sports registration. Every few weeks we are adding new settings and optimizations that improve registration set up, management and the customer experience.


Classes are among our Top 7 Plays from 2017.

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