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LeagueApps Releases New Admin Role – The Program Manager

By LeagueApps
June 6, 2012
2 min

The LeagueApps platform allows you to add multiple admins to your account, each having their own unique roles and responsibilities (read up on our  full scope of LeagueApps admin roles here). Our team recently added a Program Manager role, giving our partners more flexibility when managing their admins. The Program Manager role allows you to delegate an admin to any program (or number of programs) on your site. The new role lets you manage your staff with greater efficiency, while freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business. We feel for our league organizers and the countless hours they put – here’s one way to lessen the workload!

The Program Manager has full control of all things related to that program, including the registration settings, invoices, etc. This level of access lets your staff really “own” the day-to-day management of your leagues, tournaments, or events. Learn how to assign a program manager to one of your programs.

Below are several common use cases for utilizing Program Managers:

League Management by Sport

If you are looking to grow and scale your team, it may be a good idea to hire managers in charge of program operations. Some of our league partners divvy up their program offerings by sport. The program manager role lets you match up all your staff members with the specific programs they are running.

Expansion to New Cities

If your organization has branched out to new markets, you can create entirely new sites for each new city. You can manage all your sites under one LeagueApps account and assign admins to each site. On the other hand, having all your programs in one place may be easier to manage. Plus, you can save time by not having to create multiple sites. The program manager role allows you to keep your various markets on one site. Simply assign program managers to run the programs for each city.

Better Organization

Recreational sports is a hectic world. Who does what can easily get lost in the shuffle. Assigning your staff members as program managers gives them clear-cut job descriptions. This can help your organization stay organized internally, by being transparent about every employee’s roles and responsibilities.

How are you utilizing the Program Manager role, or any of our admin roles for that matter? We’re happy to hear your feedback. Hit up Asaf at 646-660-9430, or