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LeagueApps Is Recruiting a Customer Success Specialist All-Star. Is This You?

By LeagueApps
May 24, 2017
3 min

Are you sick of your days at the office standing still? Want to find something rewarding, challenging, and fast paced?

Then it’s time to test the free agency waters and sign with the LeagueApps team. We’re looking for a stellar Customer Success Specialist to fill our roster in the LeagueApps New York City office located in Union Square.

You will join the Partner Success department; a team responsible for helping local sports organizations maximize their experience and value on the LeagueApps platform. LeagueApps has spent years developing a software solution to bring value and benefit to sports organizers and their participants.

We’re focused on building relationships with these organizations to understand how they operate and help figure out how LeagueApps can be configured to be a valuable solution. Our Partner Success team does a good job explaining the type of service our partners can expect when partnering with LeagueApps. As an added perk, you will have the opportunity to travel and visit some of our top partners in the sports business industry.

Thanks to our partner @nxtsports for hosting us at their offices, sharing their operations,feeding us @chikfila_, and sending us home with official showcase hoodies. Can we come back tomorrow?

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The Scouting Report

The LeagueApps Customer Success Specialist is an energetic, self-motivated individual with some customer success experience. Your role will be to drive retention for LeagueApps partners and help shape the customer experience that we provide to all of our customer organizations. You are a relationship-builder, someone who believes in delivering amazing service. You will help our partners get the most value out of the LeagueApps platform and succeed in their goals, whether they are looking to grow their organization, or simply streamline their operations and save time. You are comfortable geeking out, problem-solving, and helping partners find the right way to configure LeagueApps to fit their needs. You love everything about sports and will speak with passionate sports organizers all day long. Every day!

Position Responsibilities

The Customer Success Specialist position has specific responsibilities within the team. We’ve drilled down this exact role to highlight the daily/weekly activities and tasks necessary to be successful.

  • Execute daily customer support process by responding to incoming inquiries from sports organizations.
  • Oversee all support channels, including email support, phone support, and secondary channels (e.g. live chat, forums, user groups)
  • Solve technical questions and issues independently
  • Escalate complex issues to product and engineering teams
  • Communicate customer feedback to account managers and sales team members
  • Share new product improvements directly with customers
  • Improve support process and overall customer experience
  • Maintain support website for customers and internal knowledge base for employee training.

Position Requirements

The most important requirements are to have passion, energy and motivation. We’re looking for those crazy folks that are mad about sports, digital and entrepreneurship AND love to service. A few other “requirements” that often indicate success for this role include:

  • Excellent communicator. You will be speaking with our partners every day. You need to be able to clearly walk them through a solution and articulate how to best utilize our tools and features.
  • Adaptable. You can connect to a wide-range of partner types, from non-technical users to tech wizards.
  • Master of product. You will not rest until you know how to configure and utilize the LeagueApps platform for every type of partner segment.
  • Cool-headed, composed, able to weather a storm.
  • You treat partners with the patience, empathy, and respect of a partner.
  • Entrepreneurial minded, innovative thinker, creative problem solver.
  • Fast learner, self-motivated, detail-oriented.
  • Be a teammate. Work well in conjunction with all team members across sales, product, and engineering functions.
  • Knack for helping different people, solving problems, and delivering a valuable customer experience.
  • Likes, Needs, to Win



  • 1+ year(s) experience working in Customer Support at another SaaS platform
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, Photoshop skills

This role is also only available in our NYC office. We need our Partner Success team interacting with our entire team throughout the day and the best way to do that is to have them all in our pod.

Are You Interested?

If you think this position is right for you then sell us on that! We’re actively looking to find the right player for the role and for our team. Use your resume, online profiles, presentation skills and persistence to prove it. We’re easy to get in touch with (as easy as any league organizer) through email, phone or social media.

If you know of someone that might be a good fit for the role please let us know that as well or have them apply now. We’ll appreciate the assist!

So stop spending your days standing around like a mannequin.

Join the LeagueApps team! And check out all our positions that are currently available.