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LeagueApps Launches Integration With SportsRecruits To Solve Your College Recruiting Challenges

By LeagueApps
April 25, 2019
2 min

LeagueApps continues to hone in on becoming the hub of all of your software needs beyond our Core product. After looking into our partner base, we learned that LeagueApps & college recruiting platform, SportsRecruits, currently share over 100+ common sports community & organization partners. From there, we began building a product integration with the Brooklyn-based product making it easier for you to use send your LeagueApps team & roster information from LeagueApps into SportsRecruits automatically.

A mutual partner of ours, St. Louis Bandits, had this to say about the integration:

I can tell you that the integration is very easy to use and I very much look forward to using it next season with our new teams. The value for the integration is excellent. In the past there was dual entry, copy/pasting between tools and now it is just a few clicks. That saves an incredible amount of time, increases accuracy, and helps to get our athletes utilizing the recruiting features of sportsrecruits faster.

As stated, the goal of the integration is to continue to make it easier for you to use multiple systems together without the hassle of entering the same data in multiple places & verifying integrity.  Specifically, recruiting is such an integral part of the broader LeagueApps story to help make sports happen. Off-the-field, we know our products will take away the administrative headaches many coaches face while on the field. We know a lot of our partners ultimately want to get their boys or girls college athletic scholarships. It’s exciting for us to work with a company that addresses this need and shares similar values.

If you are a LeagueApps & SportsRecruits customer interested in setting up the integration, please refer to the Help Center article here. If you are not a current SportsRecruits customer, please reach out to your LeagueApps representative to learn more.