LeagueApps Innovation Lab: SportsRecruits Joins The Team

By LeagueApps
April 3, 2018
2 min

LeagueApps continues to hone in on becoming the “home base” of all of your software needs beyond our core product. In pursuit of that goal, we’re excited to announce that LeagueApps now integrates with the college recruiting platform, SportsRecruits. SportsRecruits and LeagueApps share many of the same partners in the club & travel market, so it became a natural extension to build a product integration and a marketing partnership with the Brooklyn-based platform.

“Over the past few years, we began to work with a wide range of club organizations who are actively managing their membership base using LeagueApps. More and more organizations need a better way to easily sync their roster information throughout the year so college coaches can have the most accurate data when they are evaluating student-athletes,” said Chris Meade, Chief Executive Officer at SportsRecruits. “This new integration is going to lighten the load for team administrators, club directors and recruiting coordinators keeping their player information as up to date as possible.”

“We have had a long relationship with the SportsRecruits team and have committed to making our shared customer experience as beneficial as possible for everyone involved,” said Brian Litvack, Chief Executive Officer of LeagueApps. “We’ve been rolling out this integration with a number of clubs across volleyball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse. The feedback has been positive and we are excited to offer this to all LeagueApps and SportsRecruits customers in the upcoming year.” In addition to roster management, we will be embedding SportsRecruits rosters and video libraries on our LeagueApps team pages.  

If you are a LeagueApps and SportsRecruits customer interested in setting up the integration, please refer to our Help Center article. If you are not a current SportsRecruits customer, please refer to this page for more information about their product.

Harrison Forman spearheads LeagueApps’ Platform Partnerships and had this to say: “Recruiting is such an integral part of the broader LeagueApps story to help make sports happen. Off-the-field, we know our products will take away the administrative headaches many coaches face while on the field, we know a lot of our partners ultimately want to get their boys or girls college scholarships. It’s exciting for us to work with a company that addresses this need and shares similar values.”