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LeagueApps Hosts Partner Night in the Bay Area!

By LeagueApps
February 25, 2015
2 min

On February 16th, LeagueApps hosted a Partner Night in San Francisco – our very first Partner event on the Left Coast! It was also the first Partner Day we’ve held so far in 2015 (read about our Partner Day Series).  Over 50 partners have now attended a Partner Day in 4 different cities (NYC, DC, Chicago, and now SF)!

We decided to ditch the frigid NYC weather to reach some of our partners in the Bay Area. SF also happens to be where our development team is based, so we were able to host the event in our dev team’s office located in the downtown Mission District of San Francisco. Our Director of Engineering Bob Daly and Senior Software Engineer Jason Gilbert got to experience their first Partner event. Both Bob and Jason enjoyed interacting with some of our more engaged and tech-savvy LeagueApps users.

Most of our partners travelled from different parts of San Francisco. John Trejo and Reta Joe Rodriguez of East Valley Girls Softball drove all the way up from San Jose to join us. We were super-appreciative and excited to see our partners make time in their busy schedules to hang out with the LeagueApps team and other fellow-partners.

Members of five different sports organizations attended Partner Day. The full lineup included All West Lacrosse, Bay Area Disc Association, Street Soccer (I Play for SF), East Valley Girls Softball, and Bay Area Adult Soccer.


SF Partner Night was a bit less structured than previous Partner Days (similar to the NYC Partner Night we held last Winter). The whole event was designed to create a more relaxed environment conducive to networking and casual interactions. We were able to fit in some live in-person Coaching Sessions, which helped our partners utilize our tools and services to their fullest potential.

SF Partner Night helped to reinforce why we continue to host Partner events for our partners. We realized that both structured sessions and social networking events are helpful to our partners for similar reasons:

  • Find value in connecting with other like-minded partners
  • Direct access to the LeagueApps team
  • Strengthens the LeagueApps community


We’re planning on holding more LeagueApps Partner Days this year in various formats and different cities. Let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas on ways to plan our upcoming Partner Days, or which city we should host our event in the future!