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LeagueApps + Hackathon = LeagueAppathon

By LeagueApps
November 17, 2014
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This summer the LeagueApps team held a Hackathon as part of our annual all team meetings in New York City. A traditional hackathon involves computer programmers staying up all night and writing code. At LeagueApps we have a diverse team including engineers, graphic designers, project managers, business analysts, customer service, sales and business development team members. We put together an event that utilized everyone’s skills and dubbed it LeagueAppathon. We stayed up late and worked together as a team to create a new calendar feature to add to our suite of league and sports management tools.

It was awesome to add a new feature the product, but it was just as important to have fun and learned from each other. We had a film crew on site to document the activities for the night. You can check out the action on how it all went down – and get a sneak peak at how our team works (and plays.)

If you are interested in joining the LeagueApps team we are always looking for hard working team players to join our squad.

Special thanks to our Brooklyn based film crew – Dakoit Pictures – for documenting the event.