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LeagueApps Family Night Takes A Page Out Of The Sports Organizer’s Book

By LeagueApps
October 4, 2016
2 min

The LeagueApps NYC office was brewing with excitement recently. Motivated by our partners and family-oriented sports organizers, LeagueApps hosted an exclusive Family Night in which friends, families, and loved ones were invited to a celebration of all they do for us.

Even for a forward-thinking tech company, this was quite the new idea.

“Family Night is a chance to meet our extended family at LeagueApps. We believe that everyone that works at LeagueApps is a part of a family- we’re all part of a communal effort to make a difference,” President Jeremy Goldberg said.

He continued. “The purpose of family night is to help the people that matter most to people that work here. Help them understand what we do at LeagueApps, why we do it, and how we do it with. I also think it’s a chance for us to demonstrate how much we appreciate them being part of this journey- that they’re part of this extended family that is trying to change the world of youth sports and make an impact.”

From Little Leagues in California and Texas, to basketball programs in Missouri and lacrosse clubs in Virginia, we know families are supporting sports organizers and their youth athletes every day. A sports program is much like a family in and of itself as well, as the leaders and organizers appreciate their families for being a special part of their impact on local sports communities.

The event played out much like an end-of-season celebration thrown by one of our partners, in more ways than one. Aside from the obvious comparison that parents attended to cheer on their kids on the LeagueApps field, the celebration also consisted of a trophy presentation.

Though most of the night was spent socializing, the main highlight was the award presentation to the LeagueApps Sales Development Leader and mentor to many of us at LeagueApps, Joe Gangone. Joe won the first ever Family Award from CEO Brian Litvack and President Jeremy Goldberg.

“Joe has been so instrumental in what we have done here. He is the embodiment of this- family night is part of the spirit he represents,” Jeremy said. Joe’s passion and love for LeagueApps and the LeagueApps family is pretty clear every day he steps in to LeagueApps headquarters, especially with his speeches.

“For anybody that is a mother or father here tonight, the number one thing you always think about is how good is my kid. Whether you send them to school or send them our way. Being with these two [Brian and Jeremy] for so long and seeing your kids every day, let me tell you, they’re great and they’re in a great position,” Joe said.

“How many other companies that you know of would do something like this,” he asked.

Work with the exclusive LeagueApps family that is helping today’s organizers shape the sports of tomorrow.

Parents, kids, friends, significant others all helped make the event a rousing success. Howard Litvack seemed to agree.

“It was terrific. Great idea bringing everybody together.”

See the highlights from Family Night on our Facebook page.