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LeagueApps All-star – Michael Bindelglass, the Natural

By LeagueApps
October 14, 2014
2 min

Each and every member on the roster here at LeagueApps plays a unique role.  Our LeagueApps All-star series highlights a team member and how they contribute to our community

How did you become a part of the LeagueApps team?

I came from a background of working for the recreation department in high school and then Intramural Sports in college. I started here as an intern and really dove into the whole process before being hired here full time a few months after.

What is your role here at LeagueApps?

I currently serve as a Senior Sales Consultant and work with most of our youth baseball, softball and soccer programs.  I have also had the privilege of bringing on some of our most successful adult sport and social organizations onto the platform.

What is your favorite thing about coming into work every day?

It’s hard to pick one because I feel proud every time I bring a new partner on board with us. I know that LeagueApps is going to be a game changer for the organization and even more so for their participates.

What are your favorite sports experiences or activities?

Favorite Real Sports Experiences: Live sports events, Sunday Fun-days, Sports Tech Meetups, Sports Industry Networking.

Favorite Digital Sports Experiences: Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K, NHL

What else should the community know about you?

I love to read.  I’m fascinated by fiction novels about undersea warfare, modern combat and other adventure novels.  One of my favorite series to read growing up was the remake of the classic Chip Hilton Sports Series.