Who Is LeagueApps: The Leading Youth Sports Management Software and Community

By Melissa Wickes
January 4, 2022
4 min

You may be familiar with LeagueApps because of our best-in-class youth sports management platform, but you should know we’re much more than that—especially if you’re considering switching to our platform. It’s true that we provide the technology sports organizers need to deliver amazing sports experiences to their communities, but we are also a community of youth and local sports organizers. We host events, industry groups, and networking opportunities to help organizers build their brands.

Our Product: Best-in-Class Youth Sports Management 

When it comes to technology, we don’t take any shortcuts. Your customers deserve the most seamless experience possible, so we make sure to deliver exactly what you need to give them that through our youth sports management platform, our mobile apps, and our optimized youth sports websites. 

Youth Sports Management Platform

All the tools you need to run a successful program are under one roof when you use LeagueApps. Our platform allows you to seamlessly launch new programs and make changes whenever you want, without the need for help from customer service. We offer you customizable payment plans, capacity limits, health checks, and more functionalities that allow you to make a program that works for you and your customers. 

Mobile Apps

We know youth sports organizers are always on-the-go and would rather spend their time on the field than in their office. That’s why LeagueApps Play, our mobile app, is designed to put your sports programs in the palm of your hands, with seamless registration, communication, scheduling, check-ins, and so much more. All of your information syncs directly with your members dashboard, so no double-entry is required. Your customers can download the app to stay updated on scheduling changes and communicate with you whenever and wherever they are.

Customized Youth Sports Management Websites

Your website is where your customers (and prospects) go to learn about your program, values, and what makes you different from your competition. When you partner with LeagueApps, you have access to the Design Shop, which will help you showcase your story through a website that puts your registration front and center. You’ll work with a designer (not a template) to create a website that your customers and prospects will resonate with and recognize. 

Our Mission

At LeagueApps, we believe all kids should have access to the benefits of sport, and that is at the forefront of everything we do. In an effort to help make sports happen, we created FundPlay—a program to deliver sports based youth development organizers our technology and support for free so athletes in underserved communities have access to great sports programs. Through FundPlay, we donate 1% of our revenue to these organizations.

Another way we carry out our mission is through the Youth Sports Institute (YSI), which launched fall of 2021. The goal of YSI is to engage with our partners in a program that is valuable for them through networking, high-level professional development, and a common goal amongst fellow youth sports organizers within the LeagueApps network. YSI provides its participants with a cohort of leaders in youth sports, professional development and training opportunities, access to leaders and influencers in youth sports, customized opportunities to grow their brands, and an individual project to level up their impact in their community. 

Our Youth Sports Community 

Connecting with fellow youth sports organizers allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest in youth sports—like health, technology, or other news. LeagueApps is much more than a sports management platform, and we facilitate those kinds of connections through our NextUp community. Whether it’s our NextUp Conference, our NextUp Play Forever Tour, or our NextUp Slack Group, we are passionate about bringing youth sports organizers together in one way or another to learn from each other, network, and share the tools you need to play to win.


PLAY Sports, which stands for Promoting Local and Youth Sports, is a coalition of community and national sports organizers committed to supporting youth athletes, working families, coaches, and volunteers in the U.S.—particularly in underserved areas. Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, LeagueApps is committed to bolster youth sports in local communities, and the PLAY Sports Coalition allows us to do exactly that. 


In the world we live in, data privacy concerns are one of the issues we repeatedly hear sports organizers discussing. We are committed to protecting your privacy and your customers’ data, because it is not ours to mess with. Unlike other sports management platforms, we will never sell your data to third party organizers, therefore your customers will never be served unwarranted ads because of LeagueApps. That’s why so many professional leagues—like the NFL, NHL, NBA, and Premier League—trust us with their data. 

LeagueApps Has What You Need to Succeed

Comprehensive Capabilities 

LeagueApps powers registration, payments, messaging, scheduling, reporting, and website design to help organizers run clubs, camps, tournaments, and leagues. No other platform gives you the ability to manage your operations both on and off the field and integrates with as many third-party tools.

Faster Revenue Growth

Your organization will generate more revenue by utilizing LeagueApps to meet the needs of your unique organization. We make it easy to tailor everything, from programs to payment plans and auto-billing, to communications and ecommerce flows. LeagueApps helps you meet players and parents where they are, collect more of your fees, and accrue additional revenue along the way.

Championship Customer Service

You can’t wait days to get your questions answered when you run into obstacles with your sports management solution—which is why LeagueApps prioritizes same-day customer support. We’re also there to guide you through program setup and help you identify the right integrations to grow and scale your business.

Do you still have questions about LeagueApps and what our community and technology can do for your youth sports management strategy? Set up a call to hear about why LeagueApps is the right choice for your organization from our experts.