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A LeagueApps Farewell To Jeff Maier

By LeagueApps
December 30, 2013
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After two fun, adventurous and exciting years Jeff Maier is moving on from LeagueApps and taking the next step in his career. Jeff has been instrumental in the growth of LeagueApps over the last few years and has helped develop and define a strategy for how LeagueApps can introduce its software platform to sports organizations. Jeff formed impactful partnerships with over 100 LeagueApps partners and developed strong relationships with SSIA Members, Adult Baseball leagues and NAGAA and LGBT sports organizations. He certainly lived up to his lofty expectations when he first joined the LeagueApps team.

Most importantly, Jeff brought tremendous energy and passion to his role every day and has had a profound effect on our team and company culture. He was and is a Difference Maker (and that goes above and beyond the 1996 Playoffs!). Even though Jeff worked remotely he was a big presence in the office and in the organization every single day. While he will definitely be missed, our hunch is that he’ll never be all that far away from LeagueApps.

Feel free to reach out to Jeff to wish him well. Please contact Brian, Asaf or anyone on the LeagueApps team if you have questions, need help or support.

We dug deep into the LeagueApps archives to find this photo of Jeff on the Volleyball court! This picture really makes him out to be larger than life!