Is My State Soccer Association Mandating Me To Use Their Technology?

By LeagueApps
March 13, 2019
2 min

The answer is no. There is no such thing as a technology mandate for youth soccer clubs.

After speaking and holding a social at the Iowa Soccer Symposium, it was clear that there is confusion around how your club registers players. This is not an Iowa issue, this is an industry-wide misconception taking place in every state.

The only true mandate is that clubs are required to submit player and coach information into the state system for carding and insurance purposes. This can be done via a simple upload of information into the state system.  

If the state system does not have upload capabilities, the players’ information only needs to be entered one time, forever. Each year the players in the system can be moved to the appropriate roster and submitted to the state.

So why is this so confusing?

The confusion comes from some technology companies urging you to use the same system that the state uses. The state soccer association asks their member clubs to reach out to their technology company to get login credentials. Seems harmless enough.

Member clubs are given the contact information to the sales department of their technology company. Instead of getting login credentials for your club, you are now entering a sales cycle to use their platform. The word mandate is used and herein lies the confusion.

Who is responsible for the confusion? That is for you to decide. You need to ask yourself one simple question: Do the platforms the state association use have the best tools to serve your families?

At LeagueApps, our focus is on providing club organizers with the best tools to run their organizations. That is what we think about every day. The LeagueApps Team Management Software is powerful today and improving every day to meet the needs of the future.

If you have questions about the fake mandates feel free to reach out to Adam Manning (, LeagueApps Soccer Community Captain. He lives this process every day as a soccer club board member and administrator.