How Our Partner RallyCap Sports Inspired Our Team

By LeagueApps
February 29, 2016
2 min

Partnership. Partnership means a lot here at LeagueApps. We are often told that our partners are just our customers or clients. We don’t see it that way. LeagueApps is an organization with a mission to empower team sports. We believe in partnership – in working with others to strive for greatness.

Partnerships are built when a collective group works together to achieve more than individual efforts. Collaborative partners evolve by sharing unique perspectives and leveraging collective strengths to achieve a common purpose.

We are honored to partner with RallyCap Sports through our Fundplay initiative. RallyCap Sports transforms lives by providing sports leagues and camps for players with special needs. The program was started over 25 years ago by Paul Hooker and his wife. It offers 10 sports throughout the year to hundreds of children and young adults with special needs.

The LeagueApps team immediately recognized this partnership was the right fit for us. We’re driven by the belief that sports and team experiences are powerful – and should reach as many people as possible. Working with RallyCap, a team that shares our vision of universal access to sports, highlighted the profoundly meaningful impact of our mission.

RallyCap released a special video this year to showcase their organization and its achievements; it was touching, inspiring and motivating. As we develop a software solution for their organization, we became more inspired. So we asked if they would be open to allowing us to feature clips of their video on our homepage. They were 100% supportive. This support allowed us to improve our homepage engagement and consumption as it relayed who we are as a company and what we believe in.

Many people will come to the site, see the video reel and move on. But everyone here at LeagueApps will see the video and be reminded of our everyday focus and how our partner’s share in a life-changing process. It’s not the same word the business world uses in everyday jargon. Our partners are our teammates as we organize great sports experiences for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you to all our partners, and a special thank you from a designer here at LeagueApps to the RallyCaps team for allowing us to be your partner and for being one in return. To learn more about RallyCap Sports, visit their site at