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10 Holiday Gifts for Youth Athletes That Will Keep Them Moving This Year

By Melissa Wickes
December 11, 2023
2 min

Now more than ever, we need to keep kids playing and moving. So why is it that we all often default to technology when gifting the kids, tweens, and teens in our lives?

There are so many exciting and fun products out there that will not only light up a kids’ holiday season, but will actually help improve their game.

Here are some last minute gifts for athletes that are practical, fun, unique, and will actually be useful to the kids in your life who are dedicated to their game.

MLB Kids Pitching Machine

This professional looking, plastic pitching machine is a great option for a young baseball player looking to learn how to catch or hit. It comes with six plastic balls that pitch every 7 seconds. Recommended for ages 5-15.  

Ninja Course

This obstacle course is a sure-fire way to get kids moving, building their strength, and self-confidence. 

Smart Basketball

This game-ready Smart Basketball allows kids to practice alongside the Dribbleup app to increase dribbling speed, improve their weak hand, and build confidence. When using the app, players will receive real-time feedback and access on-demand training programs easy to do at home. It also makes a great gift for coaches to share with their team!

Smart Soccer Ball 

Similarly to the Smart Basketball, the Dribbleup Soccer ball helps players improve their footwork.

Hand-Eye Coordination & Reaction Speed Training Tool

This “catch the correct color” tool helps athletes improve coordination and reflex skills—both crucial to success in sport. 

Hyperice Hypersphere Go

This vibration therapy tool targets an athlete’s tightest areas with precision to help with recovery. 

P.Ball Exercise Ball

This isn’t your ordinary exercise ball. This versatile resistant ball strengths your thighs, glutes, improves hip mobility, and strengthens your core. 

Exercise Dice

Make conditioning a fun game! Each roll of these die dictates a combination of reps or duration of an exercise. 


So much of sports are mental—so you can consider getting a book on mental fitness in sports or habits like Mental Toughness for Young Athletes, Atomic Habits, the Champion’s Mind, or Bring Your A Game. Contrarily, your young athlete may want a cookbook filled with recipes that can boost energy, performance, and recovery. 

A Fitness Wearable

For the more serious athlete, you can consider a fitness wearable that tracks things like steps, sleep, workout performance, and heart rate. Options include the Whoop, FitBit, Apple Watch, and Oura Ring. Wearables gamifying moving, and will incentivize anyone to get moving more—even if it just around the house.

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