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Hitting the Glove: What It Means To The LeagueApps Team After OTAs

By LeagueApps
July 21, 2017
3 min

Hit the glove. It’s a phrase that former “Moneyball” pitching coach Rick Peterson used when he visited the LeagueApps office earlier this year.

It was also the theme of our OTAs this past week. This was the 12th OTAs held by the LeagueApps team. You can read about some of our previous OTAs here and why they’re so important.

“Hit the glove” is the expression Rick used to reduce the pressure of lofty outcome goals and keep his pitchers focused on what they can control. By focusing on this simple goal, they are able to avoid being distracted by things outside their control.

As a result, when you hit the glove more often than not, you will set yourself up to achieve larger individual and team goals.

Great. How does a baseball theory fit into LeagueApps OTAs?

For us, hitting the glove means applying the lessons we learned from OTAs to what we do every day.

It means better understanding exactly what our partners go through by organizing and running our own sports tournament. This will help us create even more features to help you deliver even better experiences to your customers.

Click here to see photos from our second annual intra-company Olympics.

It means hearing from Jordan Solomon, Executive Vice President of MSG Sports, proclaim that “culture eats strategy for lunch.” We know what we’re building with you starts with the people.

It means following the advice of Thrive Global President Abby Levy in becoming an expert in whatever we need to become an expert in. Every championship team has its expert role players. When you need something from a LeagueApps expert, know that you’re getting the very best in the industry.

It means understanding why big name venture capitalists like 645 Ventures invested in LeagueApps- because they love the culture, they love the mission, and they absolutely love that we apply what we learned from playing sports to the office and boardroom.

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It means working extra on projects as a team to improve the communication level in the company so that we can deliver results to you and our partners immediately. Our hackathon, or LeagueAppathon, completed just that.

It means assessing ourselves as a company from the inside out and asking, ‘how can we get better?”

See the behind the scenes photos of our summer LeagueAppathon.

It means continuing to release updates and features for you and our partners throughout the year so that you can better run your sports program and business the way you want to run it. Last year our development and tech team delivered 14 “sprints,” in which features and products were updated for our partners at no charge. This year, they will deliver 15 sprints.

It means applying more data to every decision we make so that we can make better, smarter decisions for our partners.

It means working with other forward-thinking companies like Industry City, the Brooklyn Nets, and Pro Health Urgent Care to host a town hall event in which our partners share best practices on delivering amazing experiences to their customers. And then playing basketball and eating dinner with those same partners. Because we don’t see you as a customer. You’re a partner.

And it means celebrating individuals that continue to hit the glove day in and day out. People like Melanie Rose, Michael Belloli, Michael Belt, and Kion Kasianenko who are all completely dialed in to the glove for our partners that they set a 110% standard for us as a company.

So what does hitting the glove mean after OTAs?

It means everything about our company, from our product and platform to the people, is completely focused on being the absolute best partner for you.

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