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Drive Registration For Your Sports Program With the Small Group Feature

By LeagueApps
October 26, 2016
2 min

Written by Senior Sales Consultant Michael Bindelglass.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. “I would have signed up, but we didn’t have enough for a full team.”

Or maybe, “My best friend and I want to play together, but we don’t know if we will be put on the same team.”

Social and adult rec leagues can be made or broken based on finding enough teams to make it work.  It’s even more frustrating to know that there were several free agents ready to join, but weren’t able to form a team.  Small group registration as a whole can be the difference maker between retaining players or shutting a league down for the season.

Earlier this year we published a post about our new tool for small group registration. The key was to provide a more flexible solution to help answer one of the more common challenges in adult sports.

After speaking with over 5,000 organizers in the adult rec industry, it’s quite clear that successful adult leagues offer their players the ability to sign up with all different registration scenarios.  Everyone from free agents to team captains and players have their path to sign up. Now, convert a higher percentage of interested players with small group registration through LeagueApps!

Through this capability you can accomplish 3 key things:

1) Never turn away a group of interested players.

2) Easily combine groups of players to form super-teams!

3) Track your groups and communicate more effectively with them.


Dave Draizen of GoVavi likes the feature due to it’s simplicity.

“We use the small group feature and enjoy it. It is very helpful in tracking who wants to play with who without having to run reports.  It’s also helpful in keeping track of groups once they are added to teams.”

Dakota Curling, located in Burnsville, Minnesota, credits the Small Group feature with helping a drastic increase in registration after one weekend of using the feature.

According to President Darcy Ellarby, “We have a lot of couples or pairs of friends that play together, but they don’t have enough to form a team. It’s so great to be able to include them into our programs rather than exclude them and possibly lose out on their registration.”

Read more about implementing the Small Group feature in your program to increase growth.

To learn more about taking advantage of small group or any other features for your adult sports organization, feel free to reach out to me directly at 646-660-9410 or