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4 Ways Digital Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing and Registration Conversions

By Melissa Wickes
February 22, 2022
3 min

We live in a digital world. Everyday, people have hundreds, sometimes thousands of digital interactions—like a visit to a website, liking a photo, or making an online purchase. Each digital interaction creates a metric, and measuring and analyzing these metrics is what’s known as Digital Analytics.  

Using digital analytics data, organizations can optimize the player and parent experience on their web and mobile sites. This can help you understand the effectiveness of your digital marketing initiatives, reach the right people, and effectively drive more sales. The sooner a sports organization embraces digital analytics, the better. 

Here are three easy ways you can start improving your youth sports organization’s marketing efficiency through digital analytics.

The sooner a sports organization embraces digital analytics, the better.

Get started with web traffic.

Think of a person navigating the web, taking a certain path from point A to point B. Web traffic analytics track users’ online journeys and provide metrics to a business owner or website admin. Gather insight on your website’s number of visitors, visitor origins (such as social media, google search, marketing email, etc.), page views, clicks, and more. 

Measuring and analyzing web traffic analytics helps you prioritize digital marketing efforts. If the majority of your website’s visitors originate from your Facebook page, make sure you continue to post engaging Facebook content. If marketing emails take you hours to create but drive little-to-no website visitors, it’s time to reevaluate where you’re spending time! Try dedicating resources to improve the emails’ design and content, or make a decision to spend less time on the emails since they aren’t driving business.

Gaining insight to your organization’s web traffic will help you better understand your customers and prospects. When you better understand your target market, you will gain clarity on how to best reach them and ultimately drive more registrations and sales.

Expand your reach with paid ads.

Even a small budget can be put to good use with online ads, which can be much more affordable than traditional large budget items like print or TV. It’s also more effective to target a digital audience than it is to rely on old-fashioned word of mouth. 

Tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads make advertising accessible to small businesses through low costs and easy setup. Prevent wasteful spending by measuring an ad’s success. Track clicks on an ad and see how many of those clicks result in a website visit or a purchase. You’ll quickly learn if the money spent is worth the return.

See what works with registration conversions.

Tracking registration conversions is an important piece to expanding your reach and connecting with more customers. When a customer makes a purchase, it’s valuable to know where that customer originated from and what’s resonating with them.

You can track sales through Paid Ads and other digital footprints, find out how many people from Instagram actually registered for a program, and see if a Paid Ad on Facebook or Google covered its cost by actually leading customers to make a purchase.

Registration Conversion tracking provides insights into which online marketing tactics are falling flat and which are driving revenue. If you receive more traffic to your website from Facebook but see that actual signups (or registration conversions) originate from your marketing emails, then maybe it’s time to invest in email marketing. After all, it’s about getting more kids to play.

Make it all easy with LeagueApps Digital Insights.

At this point, you can most likely see the value of digital analytics. But as a sport organizer, maybe you don’t have the time to set these processes up. This is why we built LeagueApps Digital Insights—a simple way to implement digital analytics on your LeagueApps site without needing a software developer. 

Keep it simple and start by measuring web traffic or get fancier and launch targeted Ads for your sports programs. Either way, getting started with Digital Insights will help grow your business. 

Getting started with Digital Insights will help grow your sports organization.