How This LeagueApps Web Designer Advocates for Designers of Color

By Melissa Wickes
June 21, 2022
2 min

At LeagueApps, our entire team is dedicated to empowering youth sports organizers who work tirelessly to keep kids playing sports. We’re proud to have a team made up of creative and passionate people dedicated to performing at outstanding levels for our partners—all with a shared mission in mind everyday. 

Part of our team is Isaiah Clarke, Senior Web Designer and one of 30 hand-selected honorees a part of ​​Creators of Color—a game-changing annual recognition program that spotlights and empowers sports creatives ages 21-33 who identify as Black, Latino, Asian, and People of Color. On May 19, Isaiah was featured on a Twitter Spaces panel called Creators Corner: Championing the Change We See in Sports Today. The participants discussed their platforms on social justice, activism, and leading change within communities.

How Isaiah Advocates for Designers of Color

I’m a huge advocate for all designers and creative professionals that look like me and share similar stories,” said Isaiah. “Advocacy and impact in general is not just inside the boardroom and panel discussions. The real impact is those everyday conversations and access that goes a long way when you’re trying to figure out anybody in any industry.”

Advocating for designers and creatives of color is not just limited to his peers—it includes advocating for himself. When working in the sports world, Isaiah feels people often believe that you must be an athlete in order to have knowledge on the subject. Isaiah said that has been one of his biggest struggles so far working in sports.

“I come from the tech side of things. One of the everyday challenges I face is the hidden burden of having to constantly prove myself; That I know what I’m talking about,” Isaiah explained. “I made it my mission, from my first day at LeagueApps, to learn the landscape of the youth sports industry. I approach all projects as more of a partnership rather than I’m just a contractor freelancing providing a service.”

How LeagueApps Advocates for Designers of Color 

Isaiah explained how LeagueApps has facilitated “fantastic” professional growth for him, despite the pandemic. Prior to working at LeagueApps, Isaiah was a freelancer who learned almost all of his skills and knowledge of the tech industry from YouTube videos and self-teaching. 

“I’ve been blessed, despite COVID and the work climate over the past few years, to be paired with amazing managers and people to help me really tap into potential I knew I had and I was capable of, but really just unaware to use. They were able to invest in me and my vision for the department, providing people with resources and revenue resources to give me the tools I needed to make more amazing websites.”

“Shout out to LeagueApps, sounds like a great place to work,” said moderator Astasia Williams, North America Social Brand Manager at Nike.

She’s not wrong. In fact, LeagueApps was on the 2022 Inc. Best Workplaces list as well as Front Office Sports’ “Best Employers in Sports” list and BuiltIn NYC’s “Best Places to Work” list for a second time, recognized in both the Midsize Companies and Perks & Benefits categories.

To listen to the entire Twitter Spaces conversation, Creators Corner: Championing the Change We See in Sports Today, click here

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