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Bracket Scheduling: Bringing March Madness to your LeagueApps Site!

By LeagueApps
June 27, 2012
2 min

Any avid sports fan eats, sleeps, and breathes the NCAA tournament come March Madness. We have all become bracket crazy!

The Bad News: March is eight months away.

The Good News: Your sports league’s playoff season or next tournament is just around the corner or a lot sooner than March 2013, and you are the head of the selection committee!

Paper brackets are quickly becoming outdated in a digital world where players access everything online. We know it can be a hassle to constantly update and communicate playoff or tournament results to all teams involved. The time lag can be frustrating for teams that want to start prepping for their next opponent sooner rather than later. That is why we at LeagueApps want to help keep participants connected to tournament information at all times.

Our platform allows you to create a tournament online via the Add Single Game feature found under the tournament’s Schedule tab. It’s as easy as choosing two opponents, the type of game, game time/day and location. OR you can use our Schedule Generator to create a tournament yourself. Feel free to add additional information to the notes section to identify byes, rounds, or seedings. Read up on our Scheduling tips and suggestions.


In addition to tournament scheduling on LeagueApps, we also wanted to open your eyes to how our platform can help you deliver even more value to your players and make your life easier. Free bracket building tools offered online, including sites like Challonge and Better Bracket Maker, let you build interactive brackets that are visually similar to the countless number of March Madness brackets you have printed out over the years. By creating custom content tabs on your LeagueApps site, you can link externally to these outside resources from your homepage. Alternatively, you can save your league members time by seamlessly integrating these bracket tools into LeagueApps, as seen below:


Integrating a more visual bracket keeps all your tournaments under your LeagueApps site and lets your players access everything in one place.

Now is your chance to feel like the head of the NCAA selection committee. We like to share these innovative methods for structuring your playoffs and tournaments to help you add value to your league and delight your participants. Players should not be the only ones excited about participating in the playoffs or next tournament. You should have fun too. The ball’s in your court!

Have an exciting tournament coming up? Ask us how we can help. For questions or feedback, please contact our League Partnerships team: or (800) 257-3681.


This blog post is written by Mike Riley. Our newest superstar and league partnership coordinator, Mike is focused on developing solutions for local sports organizations. Catch him on Twitter @LifeofRiley29.