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#BallOverAll Wrap – Youth Basketball’s Evolution, Paying College Players, and the “Jelly” Movement

By LeagueApps
November 2, 2017
2 min

Our last #BallOverAll tweet chat discussed how the game has evolved recently, whether college players should get paid, and the jelly movement sweeping New York

In our most recent #BallOverAll tweet chat hosted on November 1st at noon, EST, we received some great insights focused around a few hot topics in the youth basketball industry. Here are just a few of the topics that were discussed.

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How has youth basketball evolved over the last 5 years?

There’s no denial that the youth basketball industry has changed in a short time. Mark Timinski of Basketball Warehouse notes that with an improvement in individual player skill, parent expectations have also increased.

Wellington Smith of Unity Hoops in New Jersey channeled Ball in the Family to make the point that everyone is more informed and with that, more likely to take over individual training.

Should college players get paid for individual or team success?

The string of recent lawsuits (chief among them former UCLA player Ed O’Bannon’s) has brought on more and more discussion around the idea of paying college players. That remained a hot topic in our Twitter forum.

Gym Rat Challenge’s John Kmack believes they should get paid, but it might be a burden to administer given how large the industry is.

Most were in agreement that players should receive some type of compensation.

What’s your take on the Jelly movement?

Everyone loves Jelly! Mark Williams of Team Footprintz said it best.

You can read the entire chat below. Want to be a part of our next Twitter Chat? Join us on Tuesday, November 14th at 2pm EST and use the hashtag #BallOverAll.