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G’Day! LeagueApps Offers Online Registration For Australian Sports Organizations

By LeagueApps
December 10, 2013
2 min

G’Day Mate! LeagueApps is excited to announce that we are now able to partner with Australian sports organizations for registration and payment processing. Our friends over at Stripe recently expanded to the Australian market clearing the path for LeagueApps. A few tweaks to the LeagueApps platform and we’re now all set to offer all of our payment and registration services to Australian organizations.

If you manage a Australian sports organization and want to accept payments in Australian dollars, we’re your new team-mate!

It’s simple to get started. Here are the steps to get setup:

(1) Create a Stripe account. Since Stripe Australia is still in beta you will need to request an account here. Be sure you are cool with Stripe pricing.

(2) Create or log into your LeagueApps Account.

(3) Go to the Manage Account section of the LeagueApps Admin console and under Payment Gateway select Stripe account. Be sure to be logged into your Stripe account in the very same browser as LeagueApps to automatically connect your account.Here is a help article explaining the Stripe setup process.

Note that member payments will be processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

LeagueApps is eager to launch our initial Australian partners this month! We’ve been learning how much Aussies love their sports so it will be exciting to jump into the worlds of Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball and even Netball!

So do let us know if you’re located down under and are interested to use LeagueApps. Cheers!