5 Ways To Help You Attract Better Coaches For Your Basketball Organization

By LeagueApps
August 25, 2016
3 min

Basketball organizers are finding that qualified coaches are hard to come by. A lot of our partners, however, are finding success.

We’ve compiled a list of five unique ways our partners are finding better coaches for their basketball programs with the help of our features.

Take Advantage of Coaching Clinics

Plenty of programs across the country take advantage of coaching clinics. Some of our partners regularly host coaching clinics to help other basketball programs.

Lee Miller of Elite Hoops hosts Nike-based coaching clinics for other youth basketball programs. With the help of LeagueApps features, Lee has grown Elite Hoops into a powerhouse program with over 16 head coaches and located in over 10 cities throughout the southeast. His program is always looking for ways to help other basketball organizers.

And now with our recent upgrades to our software, Lee will be able to do even more.

Create Instructional Digital Media

Instead of attracting already qualified coaches, why not lay the groundwork to develop and nurture coaches? That’s exactly what the Director and Founder of Mo’ Motion, Maureen “Mo” Holohan, is doing. The LeagueApps software is able to automatically handle Mo’s administrative duties, allowing her more time to provide value to her community.

Finding the need for better coaches, Mo set up an instructional video series to help youth coaches. Soon, parents of players were becoming qualified coaches. The success from these videos eventually led to a whole instructional digital media page. Coaches are able to access videos, blogs, books, photos, and even podcasts instantly.

Up Your Video Marketing Game

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Especially when trying to expand your program’s reach. Team Esface, based out of the San Francisco area, has clearly grasped that concept.

With the payment collection and reporting features provided by LeagueApps, Team Esface saw over 25% growth from the first half of 2015 through the first half of 2016. This allowed for more and better marketing techniques to recruit better coaches to their organization, mainly through the use of improved video.

Their ReaLeague Basketball Introduction, which is also the main video on their homepage, starts with CEO and Founder Oladele Sobomehin explaining the value of their program. The video is then followed by some great shots of players practicing with pump-up music in the background. This is the type of video that will entice any qualified coach to join this quality program.

But Team Esface also has fun. And they want us to know they have fun. Just watch this video of the kids and coaches of their program having fun and showing off their dance moves to “Classic Man.” Who wouldn’t want to be a part of their program after seeing this video?

Get Referrals and Testimonials

Referrals are still one of the easiest ways to generate buzz around your program. Nothing beats word of mouth from respected peers in your industry. And with the entire world seemingly connected to social media, a referral on Twitter or Facebook can reach anyone across the country.

Testimonials are essentially referrals that everyone can see. Our partners use testimonial pages to market their programs and attract qualified coaches.

Elite Hoops has an entire page dedicated to their testimonials found from social media. Our social media features and plug-ins are easy to use and allow for instant communication across channels. Lee Miller has found a unique way to integrate these LeagueApps features within each other to customize the Elite Hoops website.

A referral or testimonial from a coach is the ultimate prize. Elite Hoops hosts several camps throughout the year, open to any coach or player. Drew Maddux, a respected coach from Tennessee, recently gave a great Twitter referral for Elite Hoops. That’s sure to attract other coaches.

Attend Events In Your Community To Create Relationships

One of the best features of working with LeagueApps isn’t even software or technology. It’s the benefit of creating new relationships. These new relationships can open the doors for any basketball program.

Two of our partners and neighbors, Basketball City and the Jr. NBA, coordinate several events throughout the year. The two were able to host constant clinics throughout the off-season that featured NBA players like Tony Allen, Jerian Grant, Langston Galloway, and Kemba Walker. Events like these attracted top player and coaching talent from the area. Our partners from Basketball City were quick to thank the partnership that LeagueApps helped create.