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5 Tools to Streamline Your Team’s Logistics

By LeagueApps
January 11, 2018
2 min

Organizing Your Team’s Logistics Has Never Been Easier With These 5 Tools

What’s a bigger challenge: Having a perfect season? Or getting all players and coaches to the correct field on the right day at the right time?

Without consistent practice, a team won’t succeed. This makes attendance crucial for any sports team. LeagueApps can handle your team’s logistics and make sure your schedule is clearly communicated, so that a player’s availability is easy to share. This helps make your attendance process completely paperless. 

The suite of attendance tools provides a robust team schedule tool, player and coach RSVPs to track availability, and automated schedule reminders to reduce the number of emails a coach needs to send.

Improve your team’s attendance with these 5 tools:

1) Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync lets any coach, parent, player, or admin sync a LeagueApps calendar to a personal calendar app like Google, iCal, or Outlook. Integrate your sports commitments with your work or personal schedule so you can see it all in one shot. Access field locations, game times, and RSVP options directly from your mobile or desktop calendar.

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Are you going to the game? Yes, No, Maybe!

Get an accurate headcount for every practice, game, and team event. Once events are added to a Team Schedule, RSVP becomes available. Participants and staff can RSVP to any team event in multiple ways using the Team calendar or event email reminders. The RSVP feature gives coaches insight into their team’s availability, which helps eliminate emails and phone calls.

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3) Directions

Field or court locations can automatically integrate with Google Maps so it’s easy for your players and coaches to get real-time directions to the game. The integrated schedule tool eliminates the need to send additional emails with game locations and directions. This process is automatically handled with event reminder emails. 

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4) Check-In

The built-in Check-in tool allows staff and admins to record attendance at an event. This paperless attendance solution is a great way to stay organized and look back at attendance metrics after the season. Plus, parents receive automatic notifications when their child is checked-in, easing their minds and increasing your safety standards.

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5) Attendance Report

The Attendance Report culminates results from all of LeagueApps’ attendance tools. For each scheduled event, admins can view attendance metrics including total participants, RSVP responses, and check-ins. This report aggregates attendance records which can help you make strategic scheduling decisions in future seasons.

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