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5 Burning Questions To Ask Juan Carlos Garrido To Help Develop Club Coaches

By LeagueApps
April 25, 2017
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Credit: Getty Images/UEFA

Credit: Getty Images/UEFA

What would you ask a renowned soccer manager about helping your youth soccer club grow?

Later this week, Juan Carlos Garrido and DV7 Soccer Academy will be hosting a two-day clinic designed to help coaches create focused training with exercises designed to build an intentional playing style.

LeagueApps is the official technology partner of DV7.

The two-day session will be filled with both innovative on-field training and concentrated classroom time while allowing plenty of chances for questions and answers. The LeagueApps FC team will be on site to learn a thing or two from prolific manager Juan Carlos Garrido. We’re excited to discover some of his tips and secrets in helping the development of club coaches.

Here are 5 burning questions that we’re excited to ask and learn from the clinic.

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What Type of Practice Progressions Show Best Results for Development?

It’s important to recognize that in addition to working through an ordered series of learning progressions, there is a maturity factor associated with player development that must be taken into account during instruction.

Soccer skills could be broken down into introductory skills, intermediate skills, advanced skills, and professional skills. Players develop at different rates though, so a “one size” approach to instruction does not necessarily “fit all.”

We hope to find out what type of instruction or planning is put in place for both long and short term practice progressions to optimize youth players’ development.

How to Apply New Methodologies Through an Entire Club?

The DV7 Academy is based on the Spanish methodology of play. The founding principal is the “integral formation of the athlete at the sports level (technical, tactical, and physical preparation), as well as the educational level (transmitting formative personal values, and creating healthy lifestyle choices), while supporting and encouraging the students’ study habits and general motivations.”

This “player’s first” type of methodology is rapidly expanding into US youth clubs across the country and is contrary to the traditional North American style of play. Which begs the question- how has DV7 been so successful at applying new methodologies and how can another club team recreate that success?


What are Best Practices in Educating Parents to Buy Into a Methodology?

Ultimately, the parent is the club’s customer and there is a responsibility to satisfy your customer. And let’s face it, sometimes a parent may not agree with a club’s style of play or methodology. That’s just the nature of the business.

So, what type of tips can be provided to coaches and club directors in educating parents? Certainly, communication and even over-communication will be at the forefront of the discussion and finding unique ways to give parents something to observe will be beneficial for any director.

What are Best Practices in Tracking and Measuring Performance?

While on the topic of giving parents something to observe, let’s explore how sports technology can really be integrated into the club experience and how it can deliver an even better player and customer experience. And what are some of the creative ways in which Juan Carlos and DV7 have been using technology to develop players, grow their programs, and prevent injury.

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What do Top Coaches Look For in a Youth Player?

There’s no question that Juan Carlos Garrido is a world-renowned manager. He’s coached talent at every level of the professional soccer stage. This is a great opportunity to get his take on what he looks for in a youth player. Does he look for skill? How does a player’s vision factor into development? Or is it simply too hard to replace a player’s work ethic?

What to Look For When Hiring a Coach?

Finding the right coach is a hot topic in 2017. The process of bringing in new personnel is lengthy and sometimes costly. It’s imperative to make sure a club finds the right fit when binging on someone new.

What is most important in finding that right fit? Certainly, someone that shares your club’s mission is important. But, what other qualities and attributes should a coaching candidate possess? Is it possibly smarter to develop your own coaches in-house? And how will that coach handle different personality types?

LeagueApps will be providing free entry for three coaches to the two-day coaching clinic hosted by DV7. To qualify for a free ticket, simply complete this survey by clicking here or on the image below.


Credit: Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League

Credit: Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League