4 Ways to Help You Drive Registration and Increase Tryout Numbers

By LeagueApps
August 4, 2016
4 min

LeagueApps Powers The Long Island Junior Ducks

More and more baseball organizations are finding unique ways to drive registration during tryout time.

We’ve compiled a list of four of the best tactics our partners are using to drive more registration numbers, including some of our features.

1. Use Facebook To Get The Word Out

Featuring a player or event on Facebook with photos is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to generate interest in your baseball organization. People, especially youth baseball players and their parents, love seeing themselves being featured in Facebook posts. Baseball Heaven, our partners from Long Island, love featuring their players along with their sponsors.

Partners from Baseball Heaven Showcasing Sponsors

Meanwhile, our partners on the other side of the country, the Cali Gamers, promote all their fun activities and events on social media. They recently got a chance to meet Swinging Friar at a Padres game. What youth baseball player wouldn’t enjoy a free Major League Baseball game with a mascot?

Partners Cali Gamers Enjoying an MLB Game in Southern Cali

Getting the word out through Facebook with our LeagueApps plug-in is easy and immediate. Read more about how your baseball organization can grow and how our partners are using our Facebook plug-in.

2. Offer More During Registration

Businesses around the country are becoming more consumer oriented every day. Take a page out of their books and offer parents more than just registering for a tryout.

The Michigan Red Sox hold a golf outing every year to coincide with registration. The Sandcrabs Baseball team, our partners based out of South Texas, held a raffle contest during registration earlier this year. Over 200 winners were announced.

The Florida Stealth, our partners based out of Delray Beach in Florida, make the tryout process even easier for parents and players. They offer free tryouts to anyone that is interested. This tactic has seen an incredible amount of growth for the Stealth. Since 2010, the Stealth has grown from one team to more than 20 teams, ranging from 10Under to 18Under, who compete at the national and local level. That’s 2000% growth during a time in which youth baseball is in decline!

Our Partners From Florida Stealth Have Grown Over 2000%

Aside from simplifying the registration process for the Stealth, our bulk invite feature makes the process of creating your team roster from the tryout registration as simple as swinging a bat.

3. Partner Up

At LeagueApps, we don’t have customers or clients. We have partners. Leveraging us make sense to forge partnerships in an effort to drive registration. It’s smart for our partners to seek out and work together.

Our partners from Baseball Heaven and the Long Island Junior Ducks use each other frequently to drive registration. They recently worked together on a project that attracted former MLB Players, Frank Catalanatto and Keith Osik.

This is a fantastic promotion. Baseball Heaven has great facilities and the LI Junior Ducks offer great baseball. Why not use each other’s strengths to create an alliance?

Speaking of partnerships, The Cali Gamers and our partners from USA Baseball conducted a similar promotion. They teamed up and recruited former MLB player Gerald Laird to increase their registration numbers.

4. Be A Part of Something Bigger Than Youth Baseball

The Long Island Junior Ducks are a sponsor of the charity Strength Heals, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness to child abuse. Every member of the LI Junior Ducks is also a contributor to an organization that is truly changing the community.

It’s easy for people to want to be a part of a baseball organization that is doing great things for the community.

Community outreach doesn’t have to be just working with charity. Recently, the Cali Gamers have adopted an Instagram campaign. Members of the baseball program are making it a point to take pictures with police officers in the jurisdictions they visit.

It’s pretty awesome to see our partner baseball programs make it a point to be a part of something bigger than baseball. Prospective members of your organization will feel the same.

Do you have any ideas that have worked in the past to increase tryout membership? We would love to hear them! Tell us about your solution below so we can share your story!