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4 Ways to Generate More Revenue for Your Youth Sports Organization

By Melissa Wickes
June 28, 2023
2 min

Becoming a successful youth sports organization means going beyond just selling your sport and getting creative with ways to generate more revenue. Do you have an easy way for people to make donations to your organization? Are you selling merchandise and/or other products on your website (in a place where customers will actually find them)? Utilizing the functionality of ecommerce will allow you to greatly expand your business offerings and make more money. Here’s how you can use LeagueApps ecommerce features to do exactly that.

Create and Promote Products

When adding products to your registration flow, you can add as many details as you need to move your customers from interested to checkout (like name, description, image, price, inventory, etc.). For example, if you’re selling a branded shirt, you’ll create a “product” for that shirt here. Not to mention, each product will have a public URL associated with it, so it’s easy to add these products to your online storefront, homepage, social accounts, or share it directly with members.

Sell Merchandise on Your Registration Flow

Once your products are created, you can begin selling them in your registration flow. Chances are, your team members are interested in buying branded swag, gear, and equipment from your organization. It’s a way to represent their team and show pride for their organization. (And can you say “free marketing?!”) That’s why LeagueApps allows you to sell merch straight from your registration flow, without adding an extra annoying step for your customers. It serves not only as an easy way for customers to find the merch they’re looking for, but also as a reminder to finally hit checkout. And no worries if they forget to buy merch during registration—your online storefront and products will be accessible to them post-registration as well.

Grow Your Fundraising 

When members believe in your organization, they want you to succeed. They may even want to make donations (and encourage their friends and family to do the same). The key to getting these donations is making it as easy as possible for people to make them. By integrating donations into your registration flow, members can seamlessly submit donations, purchase VIP packages for fundraising events, or share donation pages with their friends without having to navigate to another page. Here’s an example of a donation page made with LeagueApps.

For more tips on fundraising for your organization, read this.

Easily Manage & Track Orders and Refunds

A key part of generating more revenue is knowing exactly where it’s coming from at any given time. With LeagueApps Reporting, you can stay on top of the number of orders you have, your inventory, and, of course, the inevitable refunds. 

Ways to Generate More Revenue

When you get creative with your organization’s offerings, you’re more likely to generate more revenue. Having the technology to do that all in one place—with your registration, reporting, communication, and payment collection—is game-changing. Learn more about how LeagueApps can transform the way you generate revenue. 

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