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Why We Ball: The LeagueApps Team Prepares For Our Ballin’ For Charity Basketball Tournament

By LeagueApps
March 19, 2017
4 min

Posted by LeagueApps CEO and Co-Founder Brian Litvack. You can find him balling this Saturday in the Knockout challenge and 3-point contest!

It’s March Madness! For LeagueApps, that means that early next Saturday morning, you’ll find most of the LeagueApps team at Basketball City in NYC. We’ll be organizing the 2nd Annual Ballin For Charity 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

We’re going to have a packed house. If you’ve been to Basketball City, an impressive and “state of the art” basketball facility, you’ll know that is no small feat. There will be 36+ teams, and over 150 players, participating and representing NYC companies, startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We’ll have 50 volunteers, many of them are friends and colleagues, working together to run the event. Many of our corporate partners and sponsors will contribute to the event including ProHealth Urgent Care, Salesloft, Anheuser-Busch, NYC Social, WTR MLN H2O, Recoup, Ox Verte, Banza and Slice. We’ll be promoting Positive Coaching Alliance, and Volo City Kids Foundation. Both are non-profit organizations that LeagueApps works with closely and that will benefit from the proceeds of the tournaments.

We’d also like to share with you why the LeagueApps team is so passionate and proud about organizing Ballin’ For Charity.

Progress Our Mission: Support FundPlay

LeagueApps mission is to make sports happen. When we do, it has the power to change the world, inspire, and unite people. We often look to Nelson Mandela’s message on sports for our own inspiration.

LeagueApps has created our FundPlay initiative to support sports organizations that share our mission to enable sports. All of the proceeds from Ballin’ For Charity will go towards FundPlay. This year we’re supporting Positive Coaching Alliance and Volo City Kids Foundation. LeagueApps grants to sports organizations throughout the year will also be funded by proceeds from Ballin’ For Charity. In addition, each team in the tournament picks a non-profit organization. A donation is made to the winning teams organization. Last year’s winners were Krossover and Steady Buckets.


Eating your own dogfood, or dogfooding, is a popular term in the software world. The meaning is that it’s important to directly use the software that you develop. Said another way, we need to practice what we preach.


At our core, we consider ourselves sports organizers. Most of the time, our form of organization is through software development and partnership service. It’s exciting for us to be able to roll up our sleeves, dust off our whistles, and get out on the field.

By directly running our own tournament we get to use the LeagueApps platform and functionality. The Ballin’ For Charity website is built on LeagueApps. Registration, payments, email, text messaging, schedules, and standings will be powered through LeagueApps. We’ll also test out some new innovation ideas around video and our tournament scheduling algorithm.

We spend plenty of time receiving feedback from our partners on all of our functionality. This tournament allows us to collect primary feedback and puts us in the shoes of our partners. It exposes us to a new perspective and helps us improve the LeagueApps platform and provide even more value for our partners.

Contribute To Our Community

We’re always impressed by how our partners use sports to serve and unite their communities. We try to do the same with Ballin’ For Charity. We’re proud to be part of the New York City startup, tech and digital sports communities. Throughout the year we’re involved in different meetups, events and rec sports leagues. Ballin’ For Charity is our opportunity to lead a community event that brings together hundreds of professionals in our communities. It allows us to activate and expand our own networks. Better yet, we do it through a sports event. Like any tournament, we’ll have competition. But the real winners will be those who leave with a great experience and new connections, ideas, and relationships.

Represent SportsDog Values

Ballin’ For Charity is an opportunity for our team to produce a great event. Many different people on the LeagueApps teams go above and beyond their normal day-to-day responsibilities to make it happen. To do this, we rely on our values: Sportsmanship, Passion, Openness, Results, Team, Student of The Game, Difference Maker, and Grit.

We also want to make sure we display these values to everyone involved in Ballin’ For Charity. This includes participants, guests, partners, vendors, and volunteers. We want everyone that interacts with Ballin For Charity to have a great experience.


We’re a team that is passionate about sports. At any time, we’ll have a few company sports teams in local NYC and DC recreational leagues. It’s always a privilege to lace up our sneakers, get on the court, and break a sweat. Whenever we get a chance to do that, we try to take advantage of it. It’s even more fun when we get to do that with our friends.

If you haven’t already received a direct invite to Ballin’ For Charity, then here it is. Please come out and join the LeagueApps team and our family, friends, and partners.

When: Saturday, March 25th
Where: Basketball City
Register Your Team Now By Clicking Here!: Space is limited!