10 of the Best Sports Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022

By Melissa Wickes
October 12, 2022
4 min

Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages, and after last year, we’re more excited than ever. For kids, it’s the one time of year you can stockpile all the candy that’s usually not allowed. For adults, you get to go back in time and act like a little kid again. If you’re a sports-lover like us, the sports costumes are endless and you might have trouble picking just one. Should you go classic and simple with a Michael Jordan Bulls jersey or get a little more creative with a movie character? Here are our 2022 picks for best sports costume ideas to give sports leaders, coaches, and players alike some inspiration.

1) Current or Former Athlete Sports Costume Ideas for Halloween

You can’t go wrong dressing up as your favorite athlete for your sports Halloween costume. It’s simple, easy to make, and–best of all—comfortable. Just slap on any jersey of your favorite player and add some sweat pants. If you’re really feeling aggressive, wear cleats to the office or party. Here’s some inspiration for 2022:

  • Simone Biles: With a combined total of 32 Olympic and World Championship medals, Biles is tied for most decorated gymnast of all time. A team USA leotard and a ton of gold medals around your neck is an easy way to represent this icon.
  • Lionel Messi: Whether or not you’re still in denial of Messi’s switch to Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona, you can still rock a Messi jersey this Halloween.
  • Conor McGregor: McGregor is a character just by being himself, so he’s obviously a great choice for Halloween. Check out this McGregor tattoo sweater from Etsy.
  • Tonya Harding: Due to the whirlwind story of Harding’s career ending assault of Nancy Kerrigan, Harding will always be an iconic costume that anyone will recognize. All you need is a blue leotard, some blonde hair, and a baton. Bonus points if you have a Nancy by your side.

girls dressed as Tonya harding and Nancy Kerrigan for halloween

2) The Rock

Whether you’re a fan of his professional wrestling days or his movies, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a great choice for your sports Halloween costume and poses a lot of different attire options. For his athlete days, you can go wrestler Rock by rocking (get it?) a muscle suit with his iconic tribal tattoo and a bald cap. For laughs, go with Kevin Hart’s interpretation of the costume by dressing as The Rock from the 90’s.


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3) Ted Lasso

One of the most popular shows to stream right now (and the winner of seven Emmy awards!) is Ted Lasso. The sports Halloween costume can be simple but fun with a tracksuit, sunglasses, and a thick mustache. The WB Shop even sells his iconic jacket!

4) Thumbs Down Guy

In September of 2017, Hurricane Irma pummeled Florida, causing the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays series, originally scheduled to be played in St. Petersburg, to be played in Citi Field in New York. During the game, Todd Frazier hit a home run, and as most Yankees fans cheered, one fan gave his displeasure with a single thumbs down. The result was internet mania and a rallying symbol for the playoff-bound Yankees. While this was a few years ago, it’s still an ongoing joke amongst Yankee fans. Literally anyone can pull off this costume. All you need is wired glasses, suspenders, a blue shirt, and a thumb. It’s also one of our favorite sports Halloween costumes year after year because it’s specific to a moment in sports history.

5) Aaron Judge

All rise! The great thing about dressing as Aaron Judge is that you don’t even need a Judge jersey to do so. A simple judicial robe paired with a Yankee baseball cap will do the trick. (Can you tell the person writing this is a Yankee fan?)

6) Captain Ahab of ‘Moby Dick’

Before you ask what Captain Ahab has to do with sports, hear me out. In the early 1800s, whalers were the athletes of the day. The Olympics had yet to be reinstated, baseball was still decades away, and James Naismith was still some 50 years from being born. Whalers threw spears, rowed boats, climbed the masts of ships, they literally were the modern day triathlete. Alas, Captain Ahab is the perfect sports Halloween costume.

7) Space Jam

Whether you’re a LeBron stan or you can’t get enough of the OG movie with Jordan, pay homage to this Looney Toons favorite by donning a Tune Squad jersey and some bunny ears, like I did did back in college.

.girls wearing tune squad jerseys


8) A League of Their Own

No sports Halloween costume better represents the true meaning of girl power than the Peaches from A League of Their Own—a movie tells the true story of two sisters who join the first female professional baseball league.


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9. SPORTSDOG Sports Halloween Costume

At LeagueApps, we put our values front and center of everything we do. They define expectations, guide our actions, and influence how we build and develop our team. They also happen to spell out the acronym SPORTSDOG. If you want to show your LeagueApps passion this Halloween, you can take inspiration from Mark Yosowitz LeagueApps Vice President of Corporate & Business Affairs, who dressed as a spooky SPORTSDOG one year.

man wearing dog mask with arms crossed

10. Quarterback

Speaking of SPORTSDOG, we couldn’t not share this adorable quarterback costume worn by LeagueApps Customer Success Manager Joey Mangili’s pup. He’s always on the lookout for tackles by any passing squirrels.

dog in football costume