Add Verification Right Into Your Registration Flow

USA Hockey membership verification can be turned on for individual programs or across all of your programs. When the feature is enabled, a form field appears in your registration flow and registrants will not be able to proceed without a valid member number—saving you time tracking down participants with instant verification.

Speed Up the Signup Process and Save Time on the Back-End

If members have previously validated their USA Hockey number during a LeagueApps registration, the number automatically populates during future registrations. The same is true on the back-end: if you edit, move, or transfer a player in your LeagueApps dashboard, our system automatically retains the verification number.


Easily Track Missing Verifications with Reports

With LeagueApps, you can gain insights into USA Hockey membership verifications through our powerful reporting features. Quickly identify players and staff that do not have a valid USA Hockey member number through our Registration Report, Members Report, Program Players Report, or Program Staff Report.


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