Youth Sports Highlight Reel

The Caitlin Clark Effect and Other Youth Sports News This Week

By Melissa Wickes
April 9, 2024
3 min

This weekend was a whirlwind for sports lovers everywhere.

The mens and women’s NCAA final four games aired—and one particular call during the UConn v Iowa game got people talking.

Nevertheless, South Carolina went on to defeat Iowa in the Women’s NCAA National Championship on Sunday—garnering an average of 18.7 million viewers… which is more than any basketball game (NBA or college) since 2019.

The broadcast showcased so much more than great basketball—we also saw a selfless moment of sportsmanship and gratitude when South Carolina’s head coach Dawn Staley took a moment to thank Caitlin Clark for all she’s done for women’s basketball.

It’s true—Caitlin is changing the game and we’re already seeing her efforts spill into the youth sports world. Read on for some of these stories and more.

This Weekend’s Wins

1. Congrats San Antonio Juniors Volleyball 13 Adidas and 15 Adidas on your bids to Nationals!

2. Nice work Mad Frog Volleyball 14 National Green on bringing home the Gold Ball!

3. Excel Volleyball Club 12 Red are the 2024 Lonestar Classic Champions! Congrats on your win and  bid to Nationals!

4. 1 United Volleyball 13 N Blue are Lone Star Classic Champions of the 13 USA Division!

5. Congrats TPH 16U Junior Predators Girls on winning the USA Hockey National Championship!

6. Junior Coyotes Hockey 14U Tier II are USA Hockey National Tournament Champions!

7. Congratulations Samuel Gomez of GSA Soccer for his commitment to the University of North Georgia!

8. Congrats Blue Steel Volleyball 16 Gray—Champions of the 18 Team Bronze/Copper Division at Gateway Regionals! Also, congrats15 Gray on coming out on top of the 28 team Bronze/ Copper Division Gateway Regional!

9. Rock City Volleyball—congrats on your second place finish for 11.1 at the Shoreline Showdown!

10. Congrats Wisconsin Juniors 15 Elite for taking first place in their division for Badger Region Power League!

Youth Sports News

1. [VIDEO] The demand for youth basketball courts in Iowa is soaring—thank you Caitlin Clark.

2. [VIDEO] Good Sport, a spoof of movies like Hoosiers and the Mighty Ducks, is a comedy being made about youth basketball.

3. The New Orleans Saints have partnered with Nike and other organizations to launch girls flag football games across schools.

4. The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation announced its $2 million grant initiative in honor of the 10 year anniversary of its Sports Matter Program—an effort to ensure that more young athletes have access to sport on and off the field.

5. The New York Red Bulls withdrew two of their youth teams from the Generation Adidas Cup tournament due to two alleged incidents of racial abuse against their players.

6. More than 500 people showed up to honor a beloved, longtime youth and high school basketball coach in Charlotte, NC.

7. The Premier Lacrosse League is partnering with the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League to stage WPLL games in conjunction with select PLL events, and the two leagues will collaborate on youth events as well, all a part of an effort to “unify the sport.”

8. ESPN Films 30 for 30 hosted a screening of a short film that recounts the origins of hand games like “Patty Cake” called “Black Girls Play: The Story of Hand Games,” for 150 young, diverse girls at the LA84 Foundation in Los Angeles.

9. The community of Rockdale Texas raised over $7K to fund youth sports in an effort to give the small community a new outlet for fun.

Youth Sports Resources

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Undefeated University of South Carolina Women’s Coach takes a moment during her National Championship victory to thank Caitlin Clark: