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Get more value from LeagueApps

By Jamie Hancock
November 25, 2019
3 min

Are you using all of the latest features available in your account? 

At LeagueApps, we are always evolving our technology to deliver key enhancements so that everyone in your sports organization has the best experience possible. Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we want to ensure that you are capitalizing on the latest features available. 



Our built-in payment gateway has exciting new additions. Streamlined financial reporting within LeagueApps allows your users to store a credit card for auto payment or connect a bank account as an additional payment method. And you no longer have to worry about a monthly bill for LeagueApps as transaction fees are auto-deducted at the time of payment. 


Bank Payments –  This new feature—also known as “ACH”—is now available for accounts using LeagueApps Gateway. Bank payments are ideal for players without credit cards or those who prefer submitting checks or cash. Accepting bank payments through LeagueApps leads to more efficient collections, tracking, and reporting. Learn more.


Stored Credit Cards & AutoPay – AutoPay for Payment Plans automatically charges your customers’ credit cards on payment plan installment dates. It’s a great way to routinely collect more registrations and make your players’ lives easier! Learn more.


Extended Online Refund Window – LeagueApps Gateway accounts can now process online credit card refunds for up to 180 days after the transaction date. This was a highly anticipated update that will help improve the accuracy of your financial reports. 


*Contact Us to switch to LeagueApps Gateway if you aren’t already using it, and to add Bank Payments and Stored Credit Cards to your account.




Payment Plans are crucial to your organization and the best way to provide flexibility to your players. Therefore, we are committed to continually upgrading this LeagueApps offering. You can increase efficiency by taking advantage of the upgrades made to payment plans in 2019. 


Payment Plan ReportView details on failed payment plan transactions or plans requiring AutoPay, and export expected transaction amounts for future installment dates. Learn more. 


Convert Standard Invoice to Payment Plan Invoice – Admins have the ability to convert a “Pay in Full Invoice” to a “Payment Plan Invoice” after initial registration, which allows you to make adjustments as needed. Learn more.


Copy Payment Plans – Streamline payment plan setup and save time each season by copying all settings and installments from previously created plans. Learn more.


Turn Off ‘Require AutoPay’ – Any invoice that is tied to an AutoPay payment plan now has a “Disable AutoPay” button visible to LeagueApps admins only, for times when a player wants to opt out of AutoPay. Learn more.




Explore new registration settings and best practices that will help you collect more registration fees and better manage your players and programs.


Require Payment of Unpaid BalanceThis program-level Registration Setting requires a player to pay any outstanding invoices on the account before registering for a new program. This setting is found on the Registration Options page under ‘Payment Configurations.’ Learn more.


Move Waiver with Player Move – When moving a player between programs, the original waiver will now migrate seamlessly to the new program if the waivers match. Learn more.


Invite2Join Player Invites – Easily invite players from one program to another and track the invitations. There is also a “Resend Pending Invites” feature for easy follow-up.  Learn more.


We are constantly exploring ways to improve LeagueApps by adding and updating features to make your life easier as a sports organizer. Enhancements are posted here on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, our Help Center is a valuable resource for quick answers and our support team is available 365 days of the year.