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LeagueApps Partner Management Team Launches Coaching Sessions (Beta)!

By LeagueApps
July 28, 2014
3 min

In much the same way that athletes practice and hone their skills for the big game, LeagueApps also believes in the value of keeping your LeagueApps knowledge proficient and up to snuff before each season. To help you stay on top of your software management game, LeagueApps is creating Coaching Sessions in order to help provide training for our partners in a more proactive and structured manner. The goal is to offer 1-on-1 training to ensure that partners are utilizing LeagueApps to get the most value from the platform. 


Here are a few FAQ’s to help you better understand what Coaching Sessions are about…


Q: What Exactly IS a LeagueApps Coaching Session?

A: A Coaching Session is a way for partners to get advanced training or guidance from the LeagueApps Partner Management team. The goal is to help make your experience on the platform even more convenient, intuitive, and valuable. The session itself is a 1-hour screen-share meeting with one of our Partner Management team members. Coaching Sessions work best when there is a clear focus and both sides understand the goals for the session. Prior to the meeting, partners will fill out a simple form which will help shape the agenda and let us know exactly what the objectives are.


Q: What Is the Difference between Coaching Sessions and LeagueApps Support?

A: The biggest difference between our support channels and Coaching Sessions is that Coaching Sessions are a proactive way for partners to get help and training before a question pops up. The great benefit of a Coaching Session is that partners are encouraged to schedule them before a critical period, such as a big registration period, a new feature update, or a new staff hiring. In this way, Coaching Sessions take a proactive approach to helping partners set themselves up for success each season on LeagueApps. Support channels are more of a real-time tool that is used to resolve a specific question or issue.


Q: When Will Coaching Sessions Be Useful to Me?

A: There may be several different situations in which you want to schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session with a LeagueApps Team member. Here are a few:

1) Registration Audit: Signups are around the corner and you want to ensure that your upcoming programs are properly configured before your new season’s registration opens.

2) New Feature Training: You’d like to make sure that you and your staff are up-to-speed on the new features and updates.

3) Product Vision Discussion: You want to gain a clearer understanding of the LeagueApps product vision and learn which upcoming projects LeagueApps is working on.

4) Staff Training: You hire a new staff member that is not familiar with LeagueApps or properly trained. OR, you are the current webmaster for your organization but would like to train the new webmaster to take over your position. LeagueApps can train your staff members AND save you the time of having to teach them the system yourself.

5) New Site Launch: You are creating a new site within your LeagueApps account for a new sport or new city. LeagueApps can help setup and audit the new site.


Q: Is there a cost associated with Coaching Sessions?

A: The release of Coaching Sessions is still in Beta.  As such, any Coaching Sessions that are scheduled now are FREE. In the future we’re considering including Coaching Sessions as part of premium service or for an a la carte fee of $99/session.


Q: How Can I Schedule a Coaching Session?

A: To get started… Sign-up here for a Coaching Session.


To recap, Coaching Sessions are like LeagueApps refresher courses, or “continuing education” after you have already started to utilize the platform.  They can be used to train yourself on new tools, ensure you are utilizing existing tools to best fit your needs, or refamiliarize yourself after a season’s hiatus. Sign-up here for a Coaching Session, or let us know if you have any questions about our new offering.