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Meet the sports organizers that form Team LeagueApps

The Roster

Brian Litvack
  • Brian Litvack
  • CEO, Co-Founder & First Baseman
  • Favorite Sports:  Softball, Basketball, Golf, Ping Pong
  • Career Highlight:  Hitting my first and only over-the-fence Home Run in the last at-bat of my high school career.
  • College:  University of Michigan…Go Blue!
  • Bio:  Brian leads the LeagueApps team and works closely with product, marketing, sales and partner management. Most importantly he orders pizza and/or trophies to mark company milestones. Brian has been a digital sports junky his whole career and previously worked in business development roles at CBS Sports, College Sports Television and the Official College Sports Network. Brian was also on the founding team of Sportsvite.
Steve Parker
  • Steve Parker
  • Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
  • Favorite Sports:  Football, Basketball, Fitness Training, Bar Games
  • Career Highlight:  Undefeated in arm wrestling ;)
  • College:  University of Virginia
  • Bio:  Steve manages the technology side of the business, building out the best sports platform, and team behind it, in the industry. Prior to co-founding LeagueApps, Steve was the co-founder of Sportsvite. Steve was also the principal consultant at OpenEvolve Inc, where he led projects in product strategy, architecture, and software engineering for several Internet startups and large enterprises such as SAIC and the Washington DC Office of CTO.
Jeremy Goldberg
  • Jeremy Goldberg
  • President & Quarterback
  • Favorite Sports:  Flag Football, Basketball, Wiffleball
  • Career Highlight:  Every time I step on the field. But may have to go with my 3 HR game when playing t-ball. I brought power at an early age.
  • College:  Georgetown University
  • Bio:  As President, Jeremy leads LeagueApps’s corporate finance initiatives and external partnerships, while also leading efforts around recruiting, performance and culture. Jeremy brings years of experience in digital strategy and entrepreneurship, most recently serving as an Executive at [212]MEDIA. Previously, he served in technology strategy roles at the Mitchell Madison Group and Generate Insights and was the Founder and CEO of poliVOICE. Jeremy is also passionate about his causes, having worked in various capacities for Obama for America and Seeds of Peace, and serving on the boards of Reboot, Soliya, and Foundation Rwanda. Jeremy holds a B.S. from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, and an M.I.A from Columbia University’s School of International & Public Affairs.
Bob Daly
  • Bob Daly
  • Director, Engineering
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer, Running, Tennis
  • Career Highlight:  Started varsity high-school soccer as a sophomore and made captain senior year.
  • College:  University of Virginia
  • Bio:  Bob is a member of the founding team at LeagueApps. Bob oversees all software development and runs the development team. He works closely with the CTO in turning product goals into bits. In addition to authoring much software himself, Bob manages all production systems and worries about things such as scalability and performance. Bob holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Virginia, and a M.I.M.S from UC Berkeley's School of Information.
Rick Eddy
  • Rick Eddy
  • VP, Finance
  • Favorite Sports:  Football, Volleyball, Skiing
  • Career Highlight:  Leading Team Mambas to the 2016 LeagueApps Laser Tag Championship as Team Captain!
  • College:  Stanford University
  • Bio:  Rick leads the Finance team at LeagueApps and works closely with each department to implement operational improvements and leverage company data. Rick came to LeagueApps from Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) where he most recently launched and managed the provider's startup accelerator arm. Prior to joining HSS, Rick was on the investment team at Cue Ball Capital and the Marketplaces Strategy team at eBay. Rick began his career as an Investment Banker at Deutsche Bank on the Health Care team. Rick graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University, where he earned All-American honors as a member of the varsity swim team.
Ammad Sheikh
  • Ammad Sheikh
  • Director, Marketing
  • Favorite Sports:  Softball
  • Career Highlight:  Winning the championship in Softball in 2009, still have the game ball. Also, in 2015 winning my third softball championship when I drove in the winning run in semi-finals.
  • College:  Hofstra University
  • Bio:  Ammad leads our Marketing team by working on lead generation and managing content creation. He also leads our off shore team. Prior to LeagueApps Ammad helped build Capify from 6 employees to over 200 across 3 continents. Ammad is the founder of South Asian Sports, where they run softball, basketball, football, and bowling leagues. Not to mention, he organizes community events including fundraisers and charity tournaments all over NY and NJ. Ammad is the proud father of his 2 boys and daughter and can be found at his kids practices and games on the weekends!
Gautam Chowdhry
  • Gautam Chowdhry
  • Director, Product Management & Point Guard
  • Favorite Sports:  Bocce, Basketball, Beer Pong
  • Career Highlight:  Back 2 Back championship seasons in premier league bocce competition
  • College:  Carnegie Mellon University
  • Bio:  Originally from Philadelphia, PA - Gautam is the team point guard, who runs the LeagueApps offense. He envisions and drives product enhancements. He has more than a decade of experience building web based software products and is also a co-founder of the largest bocce league in the nation. He is a tech guy with hands on league management experience. Gautam holds a M.S. and B.S. (plus several intramural championship shirts) from Carnegie Mellon University.
Casey Miller
  • Casey Miller
  • Director, Business Development
  • Favorite Sports:  Volleyball, Football
  • Career Highlight:  Scoring the game-winning foul shot in a game for my JV basketball team freshman year
  • College:  Duke University
  • Bio:  Casey came to LeagueApps from the world of education. After teaching middle school, being a school leader, co-founding a non-profit, and doing edtech sales for a literacy startup, she decided it was time to come back to her true passion--sports. Casey heads up the Business Development department at LeagueApps and is excited to be a part of a company that is literally changing the world of youth sports. When not at work, Casey is traveling, doing yoga, playing with dogs, at a Duke basketball game, painting, or playing volleyball on a beach.
Stephanie Vera
  • Stephanie Vera
  • Manager, Launch
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer
  • Career Highlight:  Self-proclaimed MVP for 1998 Attack of the Killer Cherry Tomatoes AYSO Rec Soccer Team!
  • College:  UC Davis
  • Bio:  Stephanie works on the launch team to assist partners during the on-boarding and training phase of their LeagueApps journey. She also focuses on LeagueApps' FundPlay initiative to come up with unique ways our team can help organizations in need with our mission in mind "to help people everywhere have greater access to great sport experiences." Aside from launching partner's to success on the LeagueApps platform, Stephanie enjoys playing soccer, running half-marathons and cooking Eggs Benedict. You can also catch her at open mic poetry shows on occasion and creating rap videos of the LeagueApps Sportsdog values.
Asaf Winer
  • Asaf Winer
  • Manager, Partner Management & Head Coach
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Football, Snowboarding
  • Career Highlight:  Team was down by 8 in the 4th quarter…stole a page from Reggie Miller's book and scored 10 points in 50 seconds for the win.
  • College:  Fordham University
  • Bio:  Asaf is the Manager of LeagueApps Partner Management, or “head coach” for all league partnerships. He is responsible for launching and managing league partners, communicating new feature releases, and handling all feedback and inquiry. Asaf is a proud New Yorker who grew up mainly on the other side of the Hudson River. He loves to travel, stay fit, and he adores his Knicks and Giants. Asaf is known for being open-minded and will try any sport or food at least once.
Jim Ambrose
  • Jim Ambrose
  • Manager, Partnership Development
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Soccer
  • Career Highlight:  Shooting 5 three pointers in a row to finish out a championship game. I was draining threes at an early age.
  • College:  Rutgers University
  • Bio:  Jim joined the partnership team with a lot of experience in the sports world. He has been coaching youth basketball or running soccer leagues for years. His passion for both makes him a great fit at LeagueApps. Jim is excited to be apart of LeagueApps effort to change the youth and adult sports world for the better. He is also a diehard New York Knicks and Pittsburg Steelers fan to say the least.
Bryan Esslinger
  • Bryan Esslinger
  • Lead Product Manager
  • Favorite Sports:  Baseball, Football, Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  400+ ft dead center go ahead home run against Canada in 2006 Big League World Series.
  • College:  University of Delaware
  • Bio:  Bryan has tip toed on the line between tech nerd and jock his entire life, making him a perfect fit for the LeagueApps team. “Ess” grew up in the Delmarva area which led him to the University of Delaware where he studied Sport Business Management and Interactive Media. Ess is a Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan who loves the beach, technology, rooftop bars, fantasy sports and a good read.
Joanna Johnson
  • Joanna Johnson
  • Manager, Product Marketing
  • Favorite Sports:  Lacrosse, Tennis
  • Career Highlight:  Faking myself out and thinking my lacrosse career was ending after high school; turns out I changed my mind and successfully walked on to Drexel's DI Women’s Lacrosse team.
  • College:  Drexel University
  • Bio:  Joanna comes to LeagueApps after working for NXTsports in Philadelphia. Her industry experience in youth sports program development and management, paired with a passion towards technology brings a unique perspective. She works with the Product team to make improvements to the platform and ensures that partners are getting the most value out of the product.
Javie Rios
  • Javie Rios
  • Lead Designer and Front End Developer
  • Favorite Sports:  Track & Field, Baseball
  • Career Highlight:  Winning National Title in the 800 meters in College.
  • College:  Howard Community College
  • Bio:  As lead designer, Javier brings the passion for providing the best experience possible for sports organizers and participants. The love Javier has for all sports drives him daily to push the design team. With over 7 years experience building products and sites for a variety of startups to large corporate companies. Javier is excited to bring his skills to change the way youth and adult sports is managed and sustained.

    When not at his desk, you can find Javier participating in a triathlon, 5k or catching a baseball game at Camden Yards.
Taylor Collins
  • Taylor Collins
  • Manager, Launch
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, eSports
  • Career Highlight:  After being relegated to the paint, making the traveling team in middle school by draining lots of threes.
  • College:  Laramie County Community College
  • Bio:  Taylor crossed over from the journalism world into tech, finding a new passion in implementation after managing launch teams at another NY-based SaaS company. He loves to find new and more-efficient ways to get things done, and loves helping others be successful in their endeavors through software. When he's not launching partners, Taylor enjoys finding a good pick-up basketball game in New York's Central Park, re-reading every Cormac McCarthy novel, and rooting for the Wyoming Cowboys.
Cory Zablow
  • Cory Zablow
  • Manager, Recruiting
  • Favorite Sports:  Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, SoulCycle
  • Career Highlight:  Captain of my high school basketball team
  • College:  Lynn University
  • Bio:  A born and raised New Yorker, Cory's role as Recruiting Manager at LeagueApps is to ensure we bring only the best in class talent to our organization. On-boarding, training, goal setting, and culture development are just some of the areas where Cory's contribution help make LeagueApps a great place to work. Cory attended school at Lynn University and has a diverse background in tech startups as well as various roles in the fashion industry.
Jared Cooper
  • Jared Cooper
  • Manager, Business Development
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Breaking the pop-a-shot record at the Champion's Bar in the Indianapolis Marriott while working the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine
  • College:  University of Michigan
  • Bio:  Jared brings varied experiences in the sports industry to LeagueApps including four years at the NFL in public relations, running his own sports travel company organizing trips for fans, and working at a ticketing company helping pro team partners sell tickets through digital and content marketing. He looks forward to helping his LeagueApps partners manage and grow their youth programs.
Jason Gilbert
  • Jason Gilbert
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer
  • Career Highlight:  Making it this long without breaking any bones.
  • College:  University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Bio:  Jason's hated every league registration app he's had the displeasure of being forced to use. He hopes to fix that for everyone through LeagueApps. Jason holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UAB.
Rohit “Roy” Kohli
  • Rohit “Roy” Kohli
  • Enterprise Sales Executive
  • Favorite Sports:  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Lacrosse
  • Career Highlight:  Double eagle on 500yd+ Par 5 off a sprinkler head
  • College:  Stony Brook University
  • Bio:  Roy started his professional career at a large investment banks but always wanted to work in Sports technology and find a passionate and hungry team like LeagueApps. He's excited to be a part of the LeagueApps team because the product is simply the best! Roy is the biggest 49er fan this side of the Mississippi, but represents the Yankees and Knicks as well.
Michael Scott
  • Michael Scott
  • Enterprise Sales Executive, Volleyball
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Football
  • Career Highlight:  Playing All-Marine Basketball
  • College:  City College
  • Bio:  Michael Scott served eight years in the United States Marine Corps, where he distinguished himself abroad and on the basketball court. Returning to New York following his service, Michael studied advertising at City College, while also working as an Art Director and Production Coordinator in the local film and commercial industry. An avid sports junky, Michael joined LeagueApps to help people easily provide opportunities for kids to play sports.
Roman "Kion" Kasianenko
  • Roman "Kion" Kasianenko
  • Lead Software Architect
  • Favorite Sports:  Bowling, Pool, Poker, Chess
  • Career Highlight:  I’m a two-handed bowler, my all-time personal best is 275.
  • College:  Lviv National Polytechnic University
  • Bio:  When not involved in Bowling or Poker tournaments, Kion can likely be found designing and coding consistently excellent improvements to LeagueApps. He is an Open Source advocate, amateur photographer, and has even been known to practice Karate. Kion holds a degree in Information Systems from Lviv National Polytechnic University. In 2015, Kion moved his family from the Ukraine to the USA to spend each and every day with the LeagueApps team!
Ned Crotty
  • Ned Crotty
  • Enterprise Sales Executive, Lacrosse
  • Favorite Sports:  Lacrosse, Hockey
  • Career Highlight:  Winning a National Championship, MLL Championship and World Championship
  • College:  Duke University
  • Bio:  Ned comes to LeagueApps after spending the past seven years working in youth sports – five of which were spent running a lacrosse program. Ned’s a very strong believer in the power of youth/team sports and the lessons that can be learned from them. He’s looking forward to helping strengthen youth programs across the country and helping to improve the experience for players, parents and coaches.
Bryan Alcantara
  • Bryan Alcantara
  • Enterprise Sales Executive, Soccer
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer, Hockey, Surfing
  • Career Highlight:  Raising over 100k for charity through annual soccer tournaments with my closest friends.
  • College:  Nassau Community College
  • Bio:  Bryan joins LeagueApps with 14 years of experience as an influential member of the soccer community. With experience and passion ranging from the youth to professional level, as a coach, administrator, Director of Coaching, and coach educator, he brings multiple perspectives on how to keep the game growing and evolving.
Paul Cusick
  • Paul Cusick
  • Enterprise Sales Executive, Baseball
  • Favorite Sports:  Baseball, Basketball, Football
  • Career Highlight:  6th Grade CYO Basketball Christmas Tournament MVP
  • College:  University of Pennsylvania
  • Bio:  Paul joins the LeagueApps team after spending the last 5+ years working with the Houston Astros, Major League Baseball, and the Philadelphia Phillies. He was drafted by the Phillies in 2011 after being team captain and Ivy League Pitcher of the Year at UPenn. Paul is excited to help the sport of baseball grow at the youth level through the utilization of technology.
Arden McWilliams
  • Arden McWilliams
  • Enterprise Sales Executive, Baseball
  • Favorite Sports:  Baseball, Football, Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Plowing the catcher in game 5 of the 2009 Frontier League Championship Series
  • College:  Indiana University/Florida Southern College
  • Bio:  Arden joins LeagueApps after 2 years in business development at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) and 4+ years with sports tech startup, Phenom, where he helped launch a mobile app for athletes and a consumer intelligence platform for sports brands. His passion for sports stems from 4 years of college baseball, 3 seasons of professional baseball, and 3 years coaching at the youth travel and high school varsity levels. Arden is excited to help transform the youth sports experience for players, coaches, and parents.
Nick Sutedjo
  • Nick Sutedjo
  • Team Lead
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Playing 4 years of college basketball at Cortland, 2 years as team captain
  • College:  SUNY Cortland
  • Bio:  Nick has joined LeagueApps with 3 years of retail management experience. After years of playing in different basketball leagues, tournaments, camps, and competing on different teams, working with sports organizers, and basketball in particular, really hits home.
Dan Kolomatis
  • Dan Kolomatis
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Favorite Sports:  Hockey
  • Career Highlight:  Playing 4 years of D-1 hockey at Merrimack College
  • College:  Merrimack College
  • Bio:  Dan works on the Partner Success team helping partners get the most value out of LeagueApps. When he is not in the office you can usually find him playing pick up hockey in New York City. Dan looks forward everyday to helping everyone with their website and registration needs.
Ryan Bulaclac
  • Ryan Bulaclac
  • Software Engineer
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Bowling, eSports
  • Career Highlight:  Won state championship in bowling for 11 and under division.
  • College:  University of Virginia
  • Bio:  Ryan came to LeagueApps after spending 4 years on the government side of software development. A sports fanatic all his life, he came across LeagueApps one day and decided it made sense to mesh his interests with his career. Ryan graduated from the University of Virginia in 2011, and remains a diehard fan of the various sports teams. In his spare time, Ryan organizes local and national competitive gaming events under an organization he and his brother founded called D.C. eSports.
Sheldon Marshall
  • Sheldon Marshall
  • Lead QA Engineer
  • Favorite Sports:  Football, Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Inaugural Parkdale Winterblitz 171 pound Champion. Pinned his way through the bracket.
  • College:  Towson University
  • Bio:  Sheldon recently joined the LeagueApps team as the Lead QA Engineer. When not in the office, Sheldon can be found playing quarterback for his flag football team, working out at his local gym, watching a movie or cheering on his favorite NFL team- the Oakland Raiders.
Sam Nedimyer
  • Sam Nedimyer
  • Senior Content Marketing Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Baseball, Basketball, Track
  • Career Highlight:  Recovering TWO onside kicks in the same game in Madden....with witnesses.
  • College:  University of South Carolina
  • Bio:  After a successful (kind of?) fantasy sports writing career, Sam joined LeagueApps and their content marketing team. It's his goal to arm partners and sports organizers everywhere with valuable information so they can deliver the best experience possible to their customers. When not in the LeagueApps office, Sam can be found cheering on his South Carolina Gamecocks, Washington Nationals, and Washington Wizards.
Michael Kleinman
  • Michael Kleinman
  • Senior Sales Consultant
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Baseball, Football
  • Career Highlight:  Hitting the two game winning foul shots to win the championship game in high school. My team was down 1, I got fouled with 4 seconds left and made both foul shots to win the game and championship.
  • College:  Indiana University
  • Bio:  Michael joined LeagueApps with 3 years of sports marketing experience. A sports enthusiast for life his favorite sports teams are the Mets, Jets, Knicks with Indiana University basketball being his #1. Growing up playing youth basketball, baseball and soccer having the chance to work with youth sports organizations helps him remember incredible memories from his youth.
Donald "DJ" Silmon
  • Donald "DJ" Silmon
  • Sales Consulant
  • Favorite Sports:  Lacrosse, Football
  • Career Highlight:  Throwing 5 TDs and running for another in my annual neighborhood block party Super Bowl! We destroyed our rivals for the first time and have not lost since!
  • College:  SUNY Buffalo State
  • Bio:  DJ joined LeagueApps with dreams of making an impact that would be felt! Originally from Buffalo, NY and being a die hard Buffalo Bills fan, he has seen much disappointment pertaining to sports throughout his life. This is why DJ takes on the responsibility of introducing LeagueApps to youth sports organizations to show them how we are changing the world of youth sports through amazing technology!
Emily Mumford
  • Emily Mumford
  • Senior Launch Coach
  • Favorite Sports:  Lacrosse
  • Career Highlight:  Making it to the DIII Women's Lacrosse NCAA Sweet 16 two years in a row.
  • College:  Messiah College
  • Bio:  Emily has been involved in sports since attending her first basketball game at 3 days old. As a launch coach, she works with our partners and teaches them how to use our website in the most efficient way possible. Emily has a unique take on our software as she once worked for a lacrosse business that used LeagueApps for their sports registration. Emily was a student-athlete at Messiah College where she played DIII Lacrosse all four years. Her senior year she was named captain and finished the season by being named 2014 MAC Defensive Player of the Year.
David Robinson Jr.
  • David Robinson Jr.
  • Business Development, Senior Associate
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Track and Field
  • Career Highlight:  Learning to play Goalie my senior year, and then our team making it to the State Semi-Finals
  • College:  University of Texas
  • Bio:  David came to LeagueApps this January from Austin, Texas where he was working for an EdTech start up. David came to LeagueApps in January 2016 from Austin, Texas where he was working for a EdTech start up. He combines his love for sports and people in the Business Development department by forging ideal partnerships.
Mike Belt
  • Mike Belt
  • Web Designer
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer, Hockey, Badminton, Track
  • Career Highlight:  Talking my way out of running the 3200 in high school. Making the 6th penalty kick in the IM semifinals shootout.
  • College:  University of Michigan
  • Bio:  Starting at a very young age, Mike quickly learned that two of his favorite activities included sports and finger painting. Graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Design & Animation, Mike recently joined the LeagueApps team with hopes to combine these two loves and impact the industry in the best way he knows how.
Jacob Price
  • Jacob Price
  • Partner Success Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Being selected as a counselor at the National Ultimate Training Camp in Amherst.
  • College:  Brown University
  • Bio:  Jake joined the partner success team in New York as a convert from the world of financial sales. He studied applied math, economics, and entrepreneurship at Brown University, where he also played ultimate Frisbee. Growing up as an ultimate player, intramural leagues were integral in shaping his game and because of this, he’s passionate about helping them grow any way he can. Jake still plays ultimate on the pro and club circuits and encourages anyone who hasn’t played to give it a shot.
Brian "Bo" O'Hara
  • Brian "Bo" O'Hara
  • Sales Consultant
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer, Baseball, Golf
  • Career Highlight:  Scoring the fastest goal in Pequannock HS history 13 seconds into the game and playing 3 years of college soccer for Bentley University.
  • College:  Bentley University
  • Bio:  Brian joined LeagueApps after graduating from Bentley University with a degree in Business and Global Studies. He played sports his entire life and is a die hard Manchester United, Yankees, and Giants fan. Brian loves to travel as well and always dreamed of a career in sports because he believes that passion for sports is something that truly brings the people of the world together. Working at LeagueApps gave him the opportunity to make an impact on that passion at the grassroots level!
Steve Hyland
  • Steve Hyland
  • Sales Consultant
  • Favorite Sports:  Running, Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Last two weeks of track at Johns Hopkins, won our heat of the 4x400 at Penn Relays and then team won the triple crown conference championship for the first time in program history.
  • College:  Johns Hopkins/UVA
  • Bio:  Steve joins the LeagueApps team after almost 2 years in core technology business development/account management at Oracle. After growing up with two younger brothers playing every conceivable sport in their backyard, he ran cross country/track and field at Johns Hopkins. He plans on bringing the passion and grit that define a diehard Philadelphia fan to help change the landscape of youth sports.
Melanie Rose
  • Melanie Rose
  • Enterprise Business Development Representative
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Softball
  • Career Highlight:  Winning the home opener during my senior year HS basketball season.
  • College:  The Ohio State University
  • Bio:  Melanie recently joined LeagueApps this summer after graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in Sport Industry. Growing up a passionate Cleveland sports fan, Melanie understands the pivotal role in which sports can play in someone's life. Paired with her devotion to making a difference and inspiring others, she aims to help positively change the landscape of youth sports forever.
Brian Koffler
  • Brian Koffler
  • Marketing/Sales Operations Analyst
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer, Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Convincing my high school soccer coach to allow me to play striker mid-season after starting all previous games as a defender, and scoring a goal (the first and only of my career)
  • College:  University of Michigan
  • Bio:  Brian joined LeagueApps full time after working as a summer associate after both his sophomore and junior years of college. As a Sport Management major, he always dreamed of working in the sports Industry and couldn't pass up the chance to work at a sports company in NYC.
Michael Belolli
  • Michael Belolli
  • Senior Sales Development Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Hockey
  • Career Highlight:  Being the youngest team member chosen to play in on The Olympic "Miracle on Ice" rink in Lake Placid.
  • College:  York College of PA
  • Bio:  Mike graduated York College of Pennsylvania with a degree in Sport Management. He then went onto working for operations at the Rockland Boulders and later an employment recruiting agency in NYC. After hearing and seeing how great the culture at LeagueApps was and the misson at hand, Mike joined in February of 2016 as an SDR.
Jeremy Smith
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Sales Development Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Getting buckets everywhere I went.
  • College:  SUNY Cortland
  • Bio:  Jeremy has been involved in sports his entire life. He joined the LeagueApps team with a year of college Assistant Men's Basketball Coaching experience at his alma mater SUNY Cortland. His time as both a player and coach allows him to relate to both sides of sports experience.
Alex Weaver
  • Alex Weaver
  • Sales Development Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Soccer, Basketball
  • Career Highlight:  Winning the C-USA regular season title my first year in the conference. Go Niners!!
  • College:  University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Bio:  Alex joins the LeagueApps team after working as a technical recruiter post graduation. She played soccer for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated with a degree in Sociology and Women and Gender studies. Alex has a passion for teaching youth soccer and will continue to do so around the community. In her free time, she can be found cheering on her hometown Redskins/Nationals.
Jordan Hod
  • Jordan Hod
  • Sales Development Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Soccer, Football
  • Career Highlight:  Starting 4 years for the Yeshiva University Men's Basketball team after being told by the coach that I would never play.
  • College:  Yeshiva University
  • Bio:  Jordan joins the LeagueApps squad after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Business Management from Yeshiva University. He bringns passion, drive, and grit to the LeagueApps team which he developed from being the captain and starting PG for the YU Macs.
Colby Auerbach
  • Colby Auerbach
  • Sales Development Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Baseball
  • Career Highlight:  Winning Gold, Representing Team USA, in Beijing, China for the 2004 International Summer Games.
  • College:  Penn State University
  • Bio:  Colby joins the LeagueApps team after 2 years in Professional baseball. He was part of the Atlanta Braves organization during the final season at Turner Field. He then moved to New York and the Office of the Commissioner to coordinate the Cuban National Team in the 2017 installment of the World Baseball Classic in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up In Miami, Florida, Colby was immediately drawn to baseball. Fluent in Spanish, Colby graduated Penn State University with an Economics and Spanish degree. He is excited to continue his career in sports - this time changing the landscape of youth baseball. Go Marlins!
Conor Kline
  • Conor Kline
  • Launch Specialist
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Golf, Ultimate
  • Career Highlight:  Winning a National Championship with my high school ultimate team.
  • College:  University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Bio:  Conor came to LeagueApps straight from the McCormack School of Sport Management at UMass. His experiences as a captain, coach, and organization director have prepared him for his Launch team roll here in New York. When he isn't in the office, he is either on the golf course or playing with New York's professional ultimate frisbee team, the New York Empire.
Alex Needelman
  • Alex Needelman
  • Data Science Analyst
  • Favorite Sports:  Basketball, Flag Football, eSports
  • Career Highlight:  Hitting a walk-off single off my best friend in a Little League Championship game
  • College:  University of Michigan
  • Bio:  Alex recently joined the LeagueApps Finance team working remotely as a Senior at the University of Michigan. With experience and passion in data and modeling, Alex works closely with each department to leverage our data into actionable insights for the team. When he is not in the office you can usually find him playing pick up basketball or beating all of his friends in NBA 2K.

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The future of sport will be shaped by the people who dedicate their lives to the game. Somewhere along the way, “organizing” became synonymous with administrative headaches and logistical time-sucks, and we want to change that.

As the landscape continues to evolve with changing technology, we’re here to make sure that no sports program is left behind.

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