LeagueApps Is A True Partner In My Lacrosse Organization

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LeagueApps Is A True Partner In My Organization


Rich Klares, owner of Go Big Lacrosse, loves to emphasize that he is not a customer or client of LeagueApps. He is a partner.

“We talk often. The LeagueApps team truly wants to make their company a huge part of your business growth.”

Based out of northern Virginia, Go Big Lacrosse runs camps, clinics, and private lessons for youth lacrosse players. Since joining LeagueApps, Rich and Go Big Lacrosse have been able to focus more on recruiting young athletes and selling more apparel than ever before.

“The platform is my one stop shop for my entire business.” The ease at which Rich is able to use several different features has made life simpler for him. He no longer has to worry about paying additional fees for new features or using multiple solutions. LeagueApps partners are never charged for updates.

Before becoming a LeagueApps partner, Rich had poor experiences with two separate sports management platforms and one proprietary one. He remembers having to pay for new features and updates. Other platforms didn’t give him the ease of selling Go Big apparel, or “swag,” as he likes to call it.

After making the switch, Rich soon found that LeagueApps did more for his organization than all the previous platforms combined. The pie chart below reflects Go Big’s previous solutions. You can see how it took League Athletics, Active, and a private platform to equal what LeagueApps has been able to do for Go Big.

It Took 3 Previous Platforms To Do What LeagueApps Has Done for Go Big

It Took 3 Previous Platforms To Do What LeagueApps Has Done for Go Big

Most important to Rich, though, is how he feels like a partner and not a customer. Judging by Go Big’s perfect 5 out of 5 star Facebook review score, we know how important customer service is to him.

“Customer service!!!! Wow. Every problem has been met with a solution. They make me feel like they work for me. They truly are partners in my business.”




Visit: www.gobiglacrosse.com

LeagueApps Is A True Partner In My Organization

“All the other platforms needed add-ons for additional fees or use of another service to get what I wanted done for my business. Not LeagueApps. Their platform is my one stop shop for my entire business, especially the ease at which I can present and sell new products and service to my customers. In minutes.”

— Rich Klares

“I have worked with several other platforms- League Athletics, Thriva, Active- and also had a private company's proprietary platform. They can not hold a candle to the LeagueApps platform and team.”

— Rich Klares

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