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Fee Collection Is No Longer a Hassle For Iowa Elite


In this age of analytics, it’s easy to get caught up in all the sophisticated metrics and numbers. People see high tech equipment and get giddy. It’s natural. However, there is something rewarding about seeing youth programs go back to basics and teach good old fashioned conditioning.

Iowa Elite is dedicated to teaching young athletes how to get top performance out of their bodies. Their philosophy is simple. Young athletes are given a strong fitness foundation so they are prepared for not only high school and college athletics, but also have the tools for a healthy and productive life.

The last thing programs such as Iowa Elite should be worrying about is collecting payments. Yet that is exactly what was happening.

After speaking with LeagueApps’s own Michael Scott, Iowa Elite made the transition in March. Soon thereafter, Stephanie Brown and the program was able to cut her bookkeeping time by up to 20 hours per month. Within the first 45 days of the season, the program was able to collect over sixty percent of their gross revenue. That number was at forty percent just one year ago. Stephanie credits the automation in billing.

“Moving to LeagueApps has eliminated the need for multiple manual processes and software products that were needed to manage all facets of our business,” she said. Having the entire process under one arm is a game changer for Stephanie.

Promoting youth sports in general is something important to us at LeagueApps. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is part of our company culture. We applaud Stephanie and the Iowa Elite program in setting up their young athletes for lifelong success. We’re looking forward to checking in with them and seeing just how far they’ve reached their goals.


Visit: http://www.iowaelite.com

Fee Collection Is No Longer a Hassle For Iowa Elite

“The automation has eliminated at least 15-20 hours a month in bookkeeping time as well. Huge impacts to customer and employee satisfaction for the organization.”

— Stephanie Brown

“Due to the dynamic billing and invoicing functionality within LeagueApps we have collected over 62% of our gross revenue in the first 45 days of the season.”

— Stephanie Brown

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