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All Star Features

Simple Sports League Scheduling Software

Easy to set, easy to read.

Add and manage youth sports schedules in an easy, intuitive interface. Your changes are updated to your league website in real-time! Even send one-click notifications of schedule updates to relevant participants.

Simple Scores and Results Entry.

Enter scores in seconds, right in the schedule interface, and assign other admins privileges to enter results themselves. Your league website's scoreboards and standings are also updated automatically, in real-time!

Customizable Standings Display

Your league, your rules.

Customize how your standings are calculated, and set your own tie-breaker rules. You choose which standings fields to display, such as Points For, Points Against, Points Differential, and more.

Smart Schedule Generator

Foolproof schedules in seconds.

That's right, generate your full league schedules in seconds! Specify the days, times, and locations, set a few options, and we'll do the rest. Smart suggestions will help you resolve conflicts so your schedule is perfect every time.

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