All Star Features

Facebook, A Key Member Of the LeagueApps Lineup

Login With A Click

Allow your participants to register and login to their account using their Facebook credentials. Don't make your participants remember another username and password. With LeagueApps' Facebook integration, they can log in with a single click.

Share Your Participation

Once logged in with their Facebook account, participants are encouraged to share their involvement with friends. If there's a reason that our partners see growth year after year, this is it.

Integrate Announcements Into Your Facebook Wall

Publish announcements to your participants through your site and automatically have them pushed to your Facebook wall. Players who post to the announcements wall can also choose to publish their thoughts to social media.

Grow your social network

'Like' and 'Share' buttons that are embedded throughout your entire site help grow the size of your social network. The larger the network, the more likely you are to be seen.