How LeagueApps is Helping 3Step Sports Manage Hundreds of Programs All in One Place

About 3Step Sports

3STEP is the largest youth sports event and club operator in the country, working in over 40 states across eight different sports. 3STEP is designed to give every athlete, parent, and coach a premier sports experience. They’re focused on helping youth and local sports leaders focus on the big things – like developing and inspiring athletes – by streamlining their workflows and helping them operate more efficiently.


A Collaborative Partnership

Customer Service

Our customer success team goes above and beyond to ensure that 3STEP’s large-scale programming runs smoothly – hosting private product training sessions to help 3STEP admins be as efficient and effective on LeagueApps as possible.

Product Development

With hundreds of teams playing on any given weekend, 3STEP needed a way to bulk register teams rather than individual players. We worked with 3STEP to develop a new “Team Manager” tool which allows admins to take bulk actions on teams for registrations.

Community and Networking

Founder and CEO of 3STEP, David Geaslen, presented at our virtual conference, NextUp University, in the Fall of 2020 – giving 3STEP a platform to share their proven strategy for growth and an opportunity to connect with other growth-minded club leaders.


Time-saving Accounting Solutions That Increase The Bottom Line

Powerful Payment Plans

Using LeagueApps’ custom payment plans, 3STEP has seen an increase in registrations and a decrease in time spent tracking down payments, dealing with customer disputes, and more.

Flexible Dashboard Views

3STEP operates a variety of different programming across multiple locations and sports. The ability to customize dashboard views at a program or cross-program level significantly cuts down on the time they spend sifting through registration and invoice data.

Bulk Invoicing

3STEP manages most of its programming at a team level. Our powerful invoicing tool allows them to solicit and collect payments for entire teams (rather than individuals) – consolidating digital paperwork and making invoicing as quick and easy as possible.


Registration Designed for Growth

Faster Team Signups

Prior to using LeagueApps, 3STEP admins were spending up to 90 minutes registering teams for one weekend of play. With LeagueApps, 3STEP is able to register up to 60 teams in under ten minutes – a crucial efficiency for a club with hundreds of teams playing every weekend.

Customizable Form Fields

Accurate data collection is essential for 3STEP’s operations and growth. Our customizable form fields ensure that they are collecting the specific registration information that they need to succeed.

Powerful Reporting

Our eye-opening reporting function allows 3STEP to run customized reports for each of their various programs – cutting out manual calculation and enabling them to get detailed program information at a glance.